Summer Sunrise and Sunset Sessions

Sunrise and Sunset Sessions

Summer Sunrise and Sunset Sessions

After much brainstorming and deliberation, we are unanimously excited to be launching our brand new and unique dawn or sunset surf, bodyboard, coasteer and super stand up paddle lessons.

It’s unique ocean adventure experiences like these that helped us become two times gold award at the recent Cornwall Tourism Awards..

Our dawn surf or sunset surf lessons not only provide a completely different soul cleansing surf lesson experience, with empty Newquay beaches and typically the lowest wind of each day – great for perfect waves. These timings are conveniently compatible with modern day work schedules. Our dawn and dusk surf lessons are available all year round to suit all ages, levels and group sizes.

How do the dawny and sunset surf sessions work?

We’ll meet at the Newquay Activity Centre before daybreak at around 6am / 7am, depending on the time of year, and suit up in the comfort of our heated changing rooms. Following a lesson brief we’ll arrive at the beach for day break and sunrise. We’ll head to Fistral or Towan beach to ensure we’re first in water. Being up at this time adds a rewarding sense of excitement and achievement as you enjoy the best of mother nature, en-route to the waves.

You’ll enjoy a revitalizing two-hour surf while watching the sunrise and the world come to life in uncrowded, clean waves that only come with surfing at daybreak. And we’ll be there to photograph your every wave in the beautifully unique Cornish morning light. Finishing in time for breakfast you’ll be energized – what better way to start the day!

If it’s the sunset surf session that tickles your fancy, all the above still applies only we’ll meet  before sunset, just as the beach begins to empty, and in time for the kaleidoscope of warm colours that fill the sky as the sun sinks behind the horizon. Surfing at sunset is the perfect remedy for any work related or modern day stresses.  Coasteering, Super Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Bodyboarding will benefit from low winds, low crowds and it’s always the time of the day when you’re the most likely to get the best ocean conditions.

Why are the dawn surf and sunset surf the best times to be in the water?

It’s no coincidence that you find the best surfers in at these times, the early bird really does catch the worm, and here’s why:

  • The wind is generally much lighter in the early morning and late afternoon, and so the waves tend to be cleaner
  • They are the most uncrowded times of the day to surf. Less people = more waves!
  • The kaleidoscope of warm, vibrant colours in the sky make your ocean adventure an almost spiritual experience
  • Surfers tend to be friendlier, because like you, they are seeking a relaxing, uncrowded surf and an awe-inspiring sunrise/sunset
  • No sun cream or sun block required at these times of the day
  • Being the first in and last out gives you an unbeatable sense of achievement
  • There is definitely no better way to start or finish a day. Nothing seems to phase or bother you when you’ve had a hat full of pre breakfast or post work ocean adventures.

So if you’d like to join us for an early surf or sundown session, then drop us a line and we’ll arrange a soul cleansing lesson you’ll never forget!

When you contact us please ask for a sunrise or sunset session.

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