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This year has seen Cornwall’s low season continue for much longer than usual. Due to COVID-19, tourists and natives alike have been forced to stay at home and follow the Government’s guidelines on social distancing. This was made harder by the uncharacteristically good weather that we’ve had for this time of year. It’s difficult and painful to see that we’re almost approaching June and businesses are only just reopening. At Newquay Activity Centre we have completely overhauled our practices and are now taking bookings for coasteering in Newquay this year.


If you want to get involved with coasteering in Newquay this year and you’re not sure where to start, keep reading to find out why you should choose Newquay Activity Centre for the best possible experience in Cornwall this summer.


Totally Unique Coasteering In Newquay, Cornwall

Our routes for coasteering in Newquay have been tried, tested and adapted for over 20 years. When Rob Barber created the company back in 1995, he wanted to make sure he was way out in front when it came to variation and accessibility. Just having one or two routes wasn’t going to cut it. Fast forward 25 years and we are now proud to offer 18 different activity packages for coasteering in Newquay. This is way more than any other centre and possibly the reason we have been voted number 1 on Trip Advisor for the past five years running.


We have something for everyone no matter your age or ability. We like to cater to as many people as possible and actively encourage you to enjoy the ocean as much as you can. We feel that coasteering in Newquay is the perfect way to do this. Our highly qualified instructors will be with you every step, jump and swim of the way to make sure you’re as comfortable and safe as possible.


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Perfect Location For Coasteering In Newquay

The main star of the show when it comes to coasteering is the location, and luckily we’re able to boast the best centre location in Cornwall. We are right on the doorstep of the best coasteering routes in town. Newquay Activity Centre looks out across the spectacular Towan beach and provides sensational views all year round. We believe we’ve got the best job in the world, and our office windows perfectly frame the inviting Atlantic coast outside.


At the end of your coasteering adventure, you are only a short walk away from our warm and dry changing rooms. You can refresh yourself with our showers before getting changed in privacy. No more hiding behind a car door while you try to battle with a wet-suit. At Newquay Activity Centre we also offer lockers for your valuables free of charge, as well as storage compartments for your bags and clothes. Although we do our best to keep the centre safe at all times, please be aware that personal items are left at your own risk.

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Regularly Trained Coasteering Instructors

All of the instructors here at Newquay Activity Centre are highly trained and experienced. We provide regular in house training to make sure everyone is at the top of their game, and so instructors can take you on the safest coasteering sessions in Newquay. Without them this wouldn’t be possible. We take standards of safety very seriously and we are regularly updating and training all of our staff members.


We pride ourselves on taking those extra steps to ensure we are delivering the safest and most enjoyable coasteering activities possible. Local paramedics, the RNLI and the coastguard all come on our training programmes with us to make sure we are keeping the standard as high as possible.


On top of our regular training, we are also one of the only adventure companies that have obtained a license through AALA (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority). AALA is like the Ofsted of the outdoor activity world. They have been around since 1996 making sure that activity providers are following good safety management practices. This allows us to make sure our safety guidelines are being stringently tested when coasteering in Newquay.

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We Offer Advanced Coasteering In Newquay

One of the many coasteering activities we offer is ourGold Select Private Coasteering package. This isn’t often found with other ocean activity companies in the UK and we believe it is a vital part of what we offer. For those of you who have turned coasteering in Newquay into a regular hobby, this extreme experience is the adventure for you.


Guided by our industry leading coasteer instructors, you will be facing one of the biggest advanced coasteering routes in the county. You will be taken on routes normally inaccessible for other coasteering sessions and put through your paces, practicing what you have learned from previous sessions. Due to the nature of the course, you are required to have experienced a minimum of two coasteering sessions with us at Newquay Activity Centre.


Starting with a long sea swim across Porth Beach, you will make your way to Porth Island. Here you will draw upon all of your previous coasteering experience as you plunge into the heart of a coastline cave. Climbing through the great ocean-forged cracks, you will traverse your way into the openings of wild atlantic blowholes as the powerful waves below blast you with sea salt.

This natural aquatic assault course will also provide you with a great opportunity to practice wild swimming, learn how to ride sluices and teach you the best techniques for jumping into deep-water plunge pools in challenging environments. This route has remained relatively well hidden from other coasteering centres in Newquay, meaning you get to enjoy the thrill and adrenaline all to yourself.

With all that in mind, now is the time to book onto your next coasteering adventure. We have the location, the high levels of safety, the instructors and the routes to make your day out as exciting as possible. Coasteering in Newquay is an amazing experience year round, and even better in the refreshing water of a warm summer’s day. Our spaces will be filling up fast so call us today and get yourself involved with some award-winning activities.


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