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Learn to hand plane in Cornwall at the Newquay Activity Centre’s surf school. Bodysurfing with a twist, or should I say hand plane, is the latest, coolest and most minimalist wave riding craft to be hitting the beaches of Cornwall. To handplane in Cornwall, bodysurfing becomes more efficient, rides become longer and more invigorating, while smiles become wider and hoots louder.

Riding a wave using just your body and a 30cm handboard as a planing surface is an art in itself and regarded as the original and purest form of wave riding. This ancient au naturel style of riding waves, which predates surfing, and puts you at one with the wave, is thought to have stemmed from early Polynesians emulating the graciousness of wave riding dolphins.

Popular throughout the 60s and 70s, bodysurfing was deemed “a lost art” in the early 90s, and abandoned by the surfing industry as it offered little to marketers. However, the 2000s has seen a renaissance for handplaning following surfing’s neo-retro movement and renewed interest in riding alternative surf crafts. It really is just you the surfer and the wave. There are no logos or sponsorship deals – people handplane for the sheer love of it.

Why hand planing?

On the one hand, and no pun intended, handplaning in Cornwall is accessible to all and offers instant gratification. It’s easy to master the basics, and we guarantee you’ll be riding your first wave within the first ten minutes of entering the water. To begin you’ll learn how to use swim fins efficiently and catch white wash before progressing onto riding unbroken green waves. What’s more, handplaning in Cornwall is safe, there’s no wayward 8ft surfboard tied to the end of your leg, and you require no previous surfing or ocean experience to take up this exhilarating sport. Not to mention that a photo of you gliding effortlessly across a wave in the adopted Superman pose will put your Instagram likes through the roof!

On the other hand, for experienced wave riders, handplaning in Cornwall is an additional string to their bow in the pursuit of becoming a true waterman. World body surfing champion Mike Stewart describes handplaning as “the best interaction between man and nature that exists”. It offers a completely different wave riding experience and perspective that is raw, soulful and gives you a greater sense of speed and control. It’s also a great way to mix up your wave riding, especially if you’ve lost your surfing mojo or when the waves are not suited for surfing but ideal for the handplane (a shore break or wedge).

For your handplane lesson in Cornwall, we provide you with first-rate equipment; handplane, swim fins, a top of the range Rip Curl wetsuit, rash vest and wetsuit socks. You’ll have a warm and safe place to get changed and leave your belongings.

We offer, group lessons, one-to-one clinics, and private groups for stag parties, hen dos, corporate events and even military adventurous training days.

Your Hand Plane lesson in Cornwall includes:

  • Allocation of equipment (handplane, fins, wetsuit, rash vest & socks)
  • 1 x two-hour handplane lesson
  • Assessment of ocean conditions
  • Beach safety talk
  • Learn to use swim fins
  • Learn to catch white wash before progressing onto riding unbroken waves
  • A lively warm up on Newquay’s stunning Fistral beach
  • Photography of you in action
  • 10% discount for a surf, coasteer or bodyboarding experience

We’re open 7 days a week, 360+ days a year but recommend booking in advance, especially if you’re planning on visiting during peak season.

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