Chris Burton

Chris Burton

Head of Video Media & International Bodyboard Guide

Favourite Place for Adventure:


In recent years I have become obsessed with wave exploration in Ireland. I love the Irish coastline and it excites me more than anywhere else on Earth!


If you’ve noticed any of the epic photos or videos throughout the Newquay Activity Centre website (and it’s hard not to!) then you’re already unknowingly aware of our Head of Video Media and International Bodyboard Guide Chris Burton. Chris is the creative professional behind our incredible images and he’s the reason our activities come to life so vividly on screen.


Originally from the east coast of the UK, Chris moved to Cornwall in the early 2000’s and, after finishing his A-levels, took the unique opportunity to tour the country with his successful band. The rock and roll chapter of Chris’ life allowed him to play at all of the UK’s major music venues and festivals, experiencing a lifestyle many of us could only dream of!


Once Chris had tasted the nomadic way of life, he developed a passion for travel and wanted to continue exploring more of the world. To fund this, he trained as a chef and has since worked in many kitchens the world over. Throughout his travels, Chris has loved chasing the waves and he would spend as much time surfing and bodyboarding as often as his schedule would let him.


From here, Chris spent the next 10 years hot-footing it around the globe working back-to-back ski seasons and crushing epic bodyboarding breaks in his time off. This flexible freelance lifestyle truly highlights the benefit of working as an outdoor instructor. Six months in the snow and six months in the sun; what’s not to love!


In 2018, after years of travelling and experiencing different cultures and countries, Chris settled back in Cornwall. As if being a musician, bodyboard coach and chef weren’t enough to keep him busy, Chris followed his true passion and graduated from a series of home-based courses to set up a business as a freelance photographer and videographer.


Now based back in Cornwall, Chris also works as an instructor for Newquay Activity Centre sharing his passion for the outdoors and helping new people experience the benefits of the wild. Chris is experienced and proficient in leading surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking and coasteering sessions. He is mostly found in our centre during the summer months but don’t be surprised if you see him in the middle of winter trying to catch that perfect surfing photo!


Thanks to his immense talent and skill, Chris has helped to bring the Newquay Activity Centre website to life with stunning photos and enticing videos. If you see Chris around the centre at all, be sure to ask him for his top tips on photography! Or cooking… Or playing instruments… Or snowboarding… Or bodyboarding!


Best memory about the outdoors:


My best memories of the great outdoors are in the mountains. Specifically on my snowboard. To date, I am the first and last person to ever jump over the infamous southern hemisphere ‘Road Gap’ at night!