Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Surfing Testimonials


“Dale the instructor had a fantastic way with the kids and was really good at encouraging them, high-fiving them when they did well. They even got log books which tracked what they had achieved in the session. Our kids loved it and were buzzing for the next one. Highly recommended!”

Isobel, Parent



Bodyboarding Testimonials

“I took my children aged ten and seven for bodyboarding lessons in October and it was magical, it was a cold day but the wetsuits really worked. None of us had any experience but by the end of the session we were catching waves, which was a wonderful feeling. Shaun was a brilliant teacher and Karl let the kids have a go on his surfing skateboards which they loved.”
Chris M of Royal Tunbridge Wells

“Our family attended bodyboarding lessons with Sam and from the outset we knew we would have a great time. Excellent kit was supplied and after a brief walk to the beach, a few warm up exercises and instructions about what to do, we got in the water. It was a great morning of tuition with plenty of excellent advice which we have put into practice several times since.”
Mark E, UK


Coasteering Testimonials

“At the beginning of our two hour coasteering session I was very excited and nervous. We began with small jumps then moved onto bigger jumps – I wanted to go off the smallest one. When we got to the triple jump I didn’t really want to go but I did because of Rich and Pedro, the instructors said it was safe. I really enjoyed coasteering and would definitely do it again.”

Sophie L, Faversham, aged 12


Family Testimonials


“My son and I booked surfing lessons with the Newquay Activity Centre. The instructor, Dale, was great; he was completely professional and helpful throughout. My son who had never surfed before was up standing nearly straight away thanks to his great tuition and advice. We had an excellent time.”

John Abenson, Hereford



Military Testimonials


“The week we had was outstanding. A true experience for all; it was fun and pushed people out of their comfort zones at the same time.”

Billy Percy, 12 Logistic Support Regiment, British Army




“The surfing tuition was first class and the coasteering was an extremely memorable experience. Many thanks to Aidan and the rest of the guys.”

Lt Ryan Mardon, Troop Commander, 32 Regiment Royal Artillery



“I have been on various other packages run by companies such as this and nothing compares. The instructors are outstanding and knowledgeable. Thanks for an incredible week of coaching and a fantastic time.”

Cpt Mick Peters



“The opportunity given to phase2 soldiers to enjoy a break from training and experience something, most would have never done before, was great to see. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience even non swimmers, particularly when it got a bit hairy in places!”

Lt Willis RLC, Somerset



Birthday Party Testimonials


“I’d like to say a huge thank you for Emma’s birthday party. It was absolutely fantastic, all the girls had a great time and Pedro was brilliant with them all. The most successful party we’ve had by far and Lucy has already said she wants one for her 11th birthday in October!”

Kate York, Newquay




“The Newquay Activity Centre organised every details of Oliver’s birthday party and offered a professional and fun package. It was the first time a lot of the kids had tried surfing and they loved it. The instructors didn’t just teach a range of new skills and employ some games to make it fun they also taught the kids some valuable water safety. The goody bags at the end were perfect and the kids were all worn out!”

Mark Barrow, Newquay




“We organised a Rock Pool Safari for our daughter’s 6th birthday party through the centre. From the start the children (and grown ups) were enthralled, engaged and totally absorbed in everything that Karl had to show us. He was truly inspiring with amazing facts and hands on experience”.

Mandy Hall, Newquay




“’Best party ever’, Katie has told me and looking at the photos I can see why. What a fantastic afternoon I think the Newquay Activity Centre will be very busy soon with party bookings and special requests for the Bear Grylls of the ocean, Karl”.

Julie, Scunthorpe




“A fantastic time was had by all, big thanks especially to Karl, who is an amazing teacher with the kids. Everyone had a blast, loads of fun and learnt a lot too. A wicked birthday party all round”.

Baz, Newquay



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