Frequently Asked Questions


Looking for an answer to a question.  Please take a look at the FAQ’s we’ve written for all our amazing activities.

We have a wealth of knowledge, built up over many years providing outdoor activities in Newquay, Cornwall.  We’ve picked our staffs brains for all the answers to questions you may have.  Of course if we have missed something, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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What is stand up paddleboarding

What Is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Stand up Paddle boarding or ‘SUP’ for short is one of the fastest growing waters sports in the world. Using a very large, stable board and a single blade paddle you can navigate your way along coastlines, rivers and lakes.

Kayaking FAQ

What Is Kayaking?

There’s much more to kayaking than simply paddling in a straight line from start to finish. Your session can include any of the following. Learning advanced paddling techniques.


What Is Super SUP?

Super stand up paddle boarding is one of the newest and fastest growing water sports in the UK, and we’ve broadened our roster of exhilarating activities at the NAC to include our very own SUP adventures!

Surfing FAQ

What Is Surfing?

Surfing is the sport of riding ocean waves towards the shore whilst either standing or lying on a board. The ultimate goal is to ride along the unbroken face of the wave and tuck into the tube.

Coasteering FAQ

What Is Coasteering?

Coasteering originated as a combination of mountaineering and orienteering, and was first talked about in the guidebook for climbing in Devon…

Bodyboarding FAQ

What Is Bodyboarding?

The beauty of this sport is that whatever your ability, you are guaranteed to catch fun waves and our lesson options include daily sessions, bodyboard surfari weekend courses and international holidays in tropical climates!

Outdoor Activity Instructor Training FAQ

What Is Our Outdoor Activity Instructor Training?

Our instructor course covers all aspects of working safely and competently outside as an outdoor professional.