Outdoor activities for kids | Bodyboarding Lessons

Outdoor activities for kids | Bodyboarding Lessons

Bodyboarding Lessons for Kids | £38 per child (minimum two children)

Age Range: 8yrs+ (under-eights must be accompanied by an adult)
Length of Session: Two hours

The best bodyboarder in the water is the one having the most fun so why not try a bodyboarding lesson, learn to bodyboard and master some epic moves! Open to anyone wanting to learn the basics or progress their bodyboarding skills, we provide young riders with the chance to surf together, learn from each other and analyse each other’s technique while having fun.

Our Surf GB qualified, experienced and insured coaches are second to none including British Team Coach, Rob Barber. Our sessions offer a safe environment for young riders to enhance and progress within their comfort zone. Competition standard or a brand new booger, we welcome everyone. Through our outdoor activities for kids, we’re here to ensure the next generation of UK bodyboarders is the best yet!

Club outdoor activities for kids:

  • Safety and ocean awareness
  • Equipment introduction
  • Bodyboarding technique and wave selection
  • Bodyboarding signals and how to wipe out
  • Bodyboarding terminology
  • Functional warm-ups
  • Awareness of other water users
  • Basic surf rescues and awareness of currents
  • Fun competition and assessment with prizes in week six

Booking prior to the day of bodyboarding is essential so call us today on 01637 879571

01637 879571

Lines open 8am-10pm