Jack Day

Jack Day

Activity Instructor

Favourite Place for Adventure:


New Zealand! Can’t wait to be able to travel there again soon!


Relevant Qualifications:


  • ISA level 1 Surf Instructor
  • SLSGB Ocean Lifeguard Qualification
  • Paddlesports Lead
  • Lead Coasteer Guide
  • Archery Instructor
  • Bodyboard Guide
  • Super SUP Guide


Completing the coaching line up for your Outdoor Instructor Course at Newquay Activity Centre is ocean enthusiast and surf extraordinaire Jack Day. With Jack’s busy life revolving 100% around the tides, he’s one trident away from being Aquaman himself. Jack has been with us here at NAC since 2017, gaining all of his qualifications and experience down on the beautiful Cornish coast.


Jack grew up in Somerset but spent his family holidays on the beaches of Cornwall each summer. It was on these shores that his passion for surfing came into existence and it has had a lasting impact on his life ever since.


Jack is qualified in teaching many different ocean sports including surfing, bodyboarding, stand up paddle boarding and super SUPing. When he’s not coaching, he’s busy making the very boards that get shredded in the swell with his own hands. Jack’s shaping business, Salty Shapes, is an independent board shop that creates custom surfboards for a wide range of clients. Salty Shapes focus mostly on retro and classic boards with an emphasis on easier skill progression.


Jack has previously worked as a surf instructor on the west coast of the States, out in California. Here he worked at one of the best point breaks in the world, Trestles, sharing his passion and knowledge for the sport. Jack’s desire to find the perfect wave has seen him travel all around the world to places like New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Sri Lanka and Mexico.


Best memory about the outdoors: Going on a surf trip after my first season working for NAC with a group of fellow instructors. We travelled over to Bali where we spent 2 months surfing amazing reefs and point breaks!