James Fisher

James Fisher

Content Writer

Leading the way with words is outdoor instructor and travel & adventure writer James Fisher. James is originally from Northamptonshire but, through his extended family on the south coast, he spent many of his former years on and around the beaches of Bournemouth. School holiday childcare came in the form of extended stays with grandparents, picnics on the beach and learning the hard way about rips & prevailing winds.


This early introduction to the ocean sparked a lifetime passion and a fascination with all things water-based. Unfortunately, being based in Northamptonshire, this lifestyle didn’t lend itself too well to the regular enjoyment of the coast. In 2011, James upped sticks and moved down to the familiar coast he’d grown up with. This new coastal lifestyle cemented a special place in his heart and strengthened his ties with the ocean.


Wanting to experience new cultures, different countries and new people, the summer of 2018 saw James filling his oversized backpack with many things he didn’t need to travel the exciting world of south-east Asia. James spent four months backpacking the colourful and fascinating countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Java and Bali. Hitting the island of Koh Tao during monsoon season also saw James train and qualify as a certified PADI open water diver.


From here it was a one-way ticket to Australia to kick off a brand new chapter of travel. James spent a year working and living in Sydney with his partner and brother, experiencing the awesome, social, outdoor lifestyle that Australia affords. From his base in Sydney, James travelled New Zealand for a month, visited Melbourne for a break, and spent 6 weeks travelling the east coast of Australia before flying home.


On his return to the UK in early 2020, armed with a brand new perspective on the world, James knew there was so much more to life than turning up to a job that didn’t truly make him happy. Adamant to not slip back into his 10-hour construction work days, James undertook a host of online courses and now spends his days writing about what he loves; travel and adventure.


Alongside his freelance writing work, 2021 saw James act upon his passion for the ocean and qualify as a paddlesport instructor. Now, when he isn’t typing away on his laptop in the back of his campervan, he’s spending his days barefoot in board shorts guiding SUP tours on the River Avon.