Adventurous Training Leadership Programs | The Cornwall Castaway | Coasteering + Survival Skills + Super SUP | £41.40pp (40% discounted)

As legend has it…

In December 1917 a terrible storm battered the coast of Newquay. The Osten, a local fishing got caught in the storm and washed over the notoriously dangerous Cribbar reef – a modern day big wave surfing spot where waves of up to 30-40ft break over shallow jagged rocks.

The alarm was raised and horses pulled the lifeboat to the slipway on Towan headland. However, on arrival at the scene, the lifeboat’s new coxswain refused to launch in such weather and waves. Despite his orders, former cox Gill resisted saying he had been out in worse and formed a maverick crew volunteers to rescue the Osten. Much to the delight of onlookers the lifeboat set sail under Gill’s command, but the boat was quickly tipped by a huge wave. Her sails quickly filled with water meaning she could not self-right and the crew were washed overboard and into the cliffs. Using their local knowledge of the coastline, the crew traversed their way to the relative safety of a cave known as the Tea Caverns – a smugglers cave throughout the 17th – 18th century for smuggling tea, brandy and silk – all heavily taxed at the time. Do you think your troops have the mettle to traverse Newquay’s craggy cliffs while the Atlantic swells crash beneath their feet?

The storm raged for the following 3 days and 3 nights forcing the crew to weather it out in the cave. For the following 72 hours the men foraged for seagull eggs, crabs and shellfish and build fires from drift wood to cook and fend off the onset of hypothermia. When the storm finally passed the crew were rescued and awarded RNLI gallantry medals on their return to land. So the platoon makes it to the relative safety of the cave, but would they have the know how to survive in such an unforgiving environment?

To mark the 100th anniversary of this legendary castaway tale we have created the Cornwall Castaway activity. Do you think your service men and women have what it takes to survive a shipwreck and relive the folklore of these brave lifeboat men? Well the Cornwall Castaway does exactly that! You troops will be challenged on every level; wild swimming, coasteering, survival skills, leadership programs and navigating a rescue raft back to shore. It’s no easy recce, and to become a true Cornwall Castaway every challenge must be successfully completed. Are your troops fit for the challenges that lay ahead?

On arrival at the Newquay Activity Centre one of our experienced instructors will kit you out in a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, and safety helmet and lead you to the beginning of your adventure, and first challenge.

Challenge one: Making dry land

Shortly after being ‘shipwrecked’ the first leadership program objective is to make for dry land by means of wild sea swimming, climbing and traversing sea cliffs, riding sluices (nature’s natural rapids) and diving into deep water plunge pools. This stage of the activity draws on a number of physical and technical skills as well as mental capabilities in terms of fear management and confidence.

Challenge two: Cave survival

On arrival at Dead man’s cove, your service men and women’s survival skills will be put under the microscope. Here they’ll learn how to identify our rich marine and bird life, forage for edible food and collect suitable fuel to build a fire. The survival skills covered on this leadership program are directly transferable to operational capabilities and lend themselves well to testing your troops resourcefulness and moral building attributes.

Challenge three: Raft escape

On completion of the survival skills phase, the troops will face the challenge of escaping Dead man’s cove on our Super SUP. Here, working as team, they’ll learn how to effectively launch & land the craft, perform efficient paddle strokes both standing up and kneeling down and steer & control the craft. The troops will also be given a point-to-point navigation exercise to complete before returning to shore. By this late stage of the course, the troops’ stamina and mental endurance is called upon one last time, as well as team working, communication and orienteering skills; all attributes transferable to operational effectiveness.

The Cornwall Castaway is a well rounded leadership program that offers a little bit of everything and more; offering a good blend of transferable physical and mental challenges that will push personal boundaries to their limits. But most of all it’s a really fun day out! 

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