Rachel Murphy

Director of W+W & Surf Coach

Rachel was born and raised in Cornwall and has loved the water for as long as she can remember. The beach was her playground. Rachel started bodyboarding as a kid and joined a local surf life-saving club soon after. She just loved being in the water; no matter how cold it was or what the waves were doing. As long as she got the chance to get in the water, she was happy and, ultimately, became totally addicted!


Rachel started out dunking wetsuits at a surf school from the age of 16. She then continued to work within the surf industry; from being an activity instructor, working in centre management, working in surf shops, and then in surf travel which allowed her to surf all over the world. In 2017 she combined her passion and knowledge and launched Women + Waves.


Rachel started Women + Waves to unite all water-loving women together in a surf club environment. It didn’t matter if they were pro surfers, or if they just wanted to dip their toes in. It was just about getting in the water, washing the day away and having fun in a comfortable, no-pressure environment. A lot of Rachel’s friends and other local ladies wanted to join in too. They wanted all-female surf lessons, surf weekends + holidays, hints and tips, an extra confidence boost and a chance to meet like-minded women.


That’s when the Women + Waves ‘surf society’ really blossomed. Rachel and her team have now created a welcoming women’s surf community where everyone is fully supportive of each other.


The vibe’s contagious and Rachel loves seeing how stoked everyone looks after a surf session with them. Plus knowing that surfing may have just changed their lives forever is awesome!