Rob Barber

Rob Barber

Director & Coach

Newquay Activity Centre owes its existence to creator, director and former European bodyboard champion Rob Barber. Having been introduced to the ocean as a child during summers on the beach, Rob found his passion in the water and went on to leave a lasting legacy in the surfing world.


Rob began his career on the shores of the UK with a second-hand bodyboard and an undeniable enthusiasm for catching waves. Little did Rob know that this particular dog-chewed second-hand board would become the catalyst for years of professional success on the ocean. In 1996, after a solid performance at the World Championships in Hawaii, Rob finished the year as the highest-ranked European on the planet. This was the turning point that saw the end of self-funding and welcomed the opportunity for an exciting full-time professional surf career.


Over Rob’s extensive career he travelled the world competing in bodyboard competitions, claiming numerous championship titles in the process. Alongside his time on the water, Rob also worked for the illustrious Carve Surf Magazine and its bodyboarding sister – ThreeSixty. As if there weren’t already enough strings to Rob’s ocean based bow, after representing England and Britain himself, he turned his efforts towards coaching. As the British Surf Team coach, Rob took the team to events in Ecuador, Portugal, France, Brazil and South-Africa. The most impressive accolade coming at the World Championships in California where Rob led the British team to their best ever ranking of 8th place in the world.


With a degree in Business & Finance under his belt, alongside a worldly wealth of surfing experience, Rob had all the tools needed to create something special back in his beloved hometown of Newquay. This substantial involvement in planning, surfing, bodyboarding and coaching has organically grown Newquay Activity Centre into the successful company that it is today.