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The Monster SUP

River Super SUP & Forage Tour

£ pp | Estuary forage adventure

2-hour river super SUP tour and lesson with a foraging focus
Explore Newquay’s secluded River Gannel estuary
Adrenaline-fuelled fun - combine super SUP and foraging skills
Sample local wild food produce

One of our most popular group activities takes on a new twist! Experience the fun and giggles of navigating our giant super SUP and learn how to forage at the same time!  If you aspire to follow in Ray Mears’ footsteps and enjoy an exhilarating time on the water, this unique activity is definitely for you!

Super SUP - super fun!

Ideal for families, friends and adventurous groups, book a river super SUP tour with a difference. After a safety brief and land-based paddle instruction, your group will hit the calming waters of Newquay’s River Gannel - a protected marine conservation area abundant with rare plant species and seasonal produce.

Together with your instructor, you’ll put your new paddle techniques into practise and navigate the giant Super SUP across the river. Along the way, you’ll identify local river wildlife and points of interest.

Pausing at Penpol Creek, a secluded tranquil lagoon, you’ll paddle under overhanging trees and forage for wild mushrooms known as ‘wood ear’. Before continuing your journey, there’ll be time for optional games as you try to outrace your team in ‘tug of war’, ‘last man standing’ and our favourite, a ‘capsize survivor’ challenge. Will you succeed and avoid getting wet?!

Learn how to river forage

Penpol Creek’s also home to a threatened flora species - sea celery. You’ll moor up the super SUP and forage wild food produce that you’ll find in many Cornish restaurants including samphire, sea beet and sea purslane - a British sea vegetable with edible sea-salt tasting leaves. Wander into the woods and discover more flora and fauna including the UK’s most deadly plant which, we hasten to add, isn’t safe to eat!

Paddle back up stream while pausing to forage the estuary’s salt marshes and seagrass beds. Soak in the tranquil scenery before heading back to Newquay Activity Centre and resting those paddle weary arms!

Our reviews on Trip Advisor rank Newquay Activity Centre as number one for Cornwall activities and we’re proud double gold winners of the Cornish Tourism awards.  Our Super SUP is unique to Newquay Activity Centre and will be an adventure to remember!

Drop us a line or give our team a call and we’ll arrange the best activity for you! Call 01637 877722, lines open from 8am-10pm.


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What's Included

2-hour river super SUP and forage lesson and tour
Instruction on paddle techniques and navigating the super SUP
Weather condition, tide checks and safety brief
Foraging instruction and guidance
Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, super SUP and paddles
Flora and fauna identification
10% off our other adventure activities
Discount card for apres surf food/drink and the Rip Curl shop (15%)

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