Surf Coach Safety and Rescue Award | £250


2018 Course Dates

March 26th – 28th
April 30th – May 2nd
May 16th – 18th
June 13th – 15th
June 29th – July 1st
July 9th – 11th
September 24th – 26th
October 15th – 17th
November 5th – 7th

The Surf Coach Safety and Rescue Award is specifically designed for outdoor water-sport instructors looking to gain the required level of lifesaving expertise!

This course is the minimum lifesaving prerequisite for surfing, coasteering, bodyboarding, SUP and adventure instructors who will be responsible for taking groups into the sea.

Join us at Newquay Activity Centre for comprehensive instruction about core beach and sea safety techniques, first aid, surf rescues and life support. After the series of theory and practical sessions, you will have a thorough knowledge of surf coach safety, rescue scenarios, how to effectively assess physical condition and carry out the practical aspects of surf lifesaving.

This qualification will ensure you reach the essential level of lifeguarding proficiency required for entry-level surf and outdoor activity instructors. It can also be combined with the International Surf Association (ISA) coaching qualification. Call out team of trained assessors for more information about how to do this on 01627 877722 and become an expert in surf coach safety!

Course pre-requisites:

  • 16years +
  • Member of Surf Lifesaving GB (SLSGB)
  • Competent fitness levels

Course content:

1. Fitness test and releases

  • 200m swim non-stop in open water, attacking the surf on entry
  • 200m run in under one minute
  • 400m-rescue board paddle

2. Lifesaving skills, rescue and knowledge

  • Board rescues of conscious and unconscious casualties
  • Management and rescues of suspected spinal injuries and movement of the casualties
  • Open water swimming and Peterson tube rescues 50metres from
    the shore
  • Lifeguard signals and flags

3. First Aid

  • Identification and management of the following conditions:
    Head injuries, spinal injuries, choking, bleeding, sunburn, fractures and
    dislocations, heat stroke, cramp, exhaustion, shock, Hypothermia,
    fainting, strain/sprain, insect bites, eye injuries

4. Life support

  • CPR on all ages
  • Primary, secondary survey on casualties with recovery position
  • Recovery position, stabilisation and after care
  • Choking incidents on all ages
  • Airway assistance, choking and vomiting

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