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Newquay Surf Hire

Quality surfboards and wetsuits to hire in Newquay.  Rental available all year round!

Maybe you’re an adventurer looking for something new who wants to try their hand at one of Newquay’s many ocean activities; choosing to hire from Newquay activity centre will ensure you receive only the very best equipment on the market. We have the largest selection of Newquay surf hire equipment and accessories.

We stock a full range of top-quality kit selected exclusively from the best brands in the business. We have surfboards, wetsuits, bodyboards, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, buoyancy aids and accessories all stocked and ready for hire in a variety of sizes.

On arrival to the centre, our fully-trained and experienced staff will be on hand to supply and fit you with the correct size gear. We have kit and equipment for all ages, heated changing rooms, hot outdoor showers, separate male & female toilets and secure storage with lock boxes for your valuables, we are the only newquay surf hire business offering this with your hire!

We have pay and display car parks within walking distance and Towan and Fistral beaches are both just a few short minutes away.

Please note: if you’re booked onto an activity with us, all equipment is provided at no extra cost.

Check out our range:

Surf Hire Price List

Hire Equipment 2 Hours Full Day 3 Day 5 Day 7 Day
Foamie Surfboard £10 £15 £40 £65 £90
Intermediate Surfboard £13 £20 £50 £80 £110
Hard Surfboard £15 £22 £55 £85 £115
Wetsuit £10 £12 £30 £50 £70
Wetsuit Boots, Glove & Hood N/A £12 £25 £35 £45
Bodyboard £8 £15 £35 £60 £85
Stand Up Paddleboard £25 £40 £100 £180 £230
Single Kayak £25 £50 £120 £230 £300
Double Kayak £35 £65 £130 £250 £350
Wetsuit Boots N/A £5 £12 £15 £20
Wetsuit Gloves N/A £5 £12 £15 £20
Wetsuit Hood N/A £5 £12 £15 £20
Swim Fins £8 £10 £25 £30 £40
Snorkel & Mask £7 £9 £15 £20 £25
Buoyancy Aid £10 £15 £35 £55 £65


Newquay Activity Centre is proud to be sponsored by the best surfing brand in the world – Rip Curl. Thanks to this partnership, we are stocked with a broad range of top-quality wetsuits suitable for all shapes and sizes. If you’re not sure what size neoprene you need, don’t panic; our friendly team members will be on hand to size you up and find the perfect wetsuit for the comfiest experience surfing in Newquay.

We also make sure you receive the correct kind of wetsuit to suit the season. We stock full winter suits in the colder months complete with boots, gloves and hoods to keep the chill away. During the summer months we provide thinner 3:2mm suits to keep you comfortable and flexible!


Finding the right surfboard is just as important as finding the right pop-up technique. We stock a wide variety of boards to suit all abilities and body weights so you can be sure to find the perfect paddling partner. Our team members have heaps of experience surfing in Cornwall so feel free to ask

them for advice if you’re not sure which board to hire.

We have a large selection of beginner foamies to choose from in a variety of sizes. Our 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft boards are all available in different brands

to compliment your style. We also stock a limited selection of improver and intermediate boards, these include hardboards and softboards with a choice of single or 3 fin configurations.


Newquay Activity Centre started as a labour of love for pro bodyboarder and multiple championship winner Rob Barber, so it stands to reason that we only stock the very best bodyboards that are available in the UK.

Our range of boards start small at 38”, perfect for facilitating the shorter rider, and go all the way up to our large boards at 44”. All of our bodyboards include top end features such as strengthening stringers, top-quality coil leashes and a choice of two different tail designs. When hiring boards from us, we’ll always be sure to match you with the correct board to suit your height and bodyweight.


Maybe your preferred method of ocean travel is the trusty SUP. Well, we’ve got you covered there too. We have a range of brands available for our stand up paddle board hire so you’ll be sure to find a personal favourite.

When you hire a SUP from us, you’ll be provided with a 10ft inflatable board, an adjustable paddle, a buoyancy aid and a helmet. Being inflatable, our boards are more capable of withstanding the natural stress of the ocean. This coincidentally makes them comfier than the alternative hardboards and leads to a more relaxed experience.

We will also sell Aquapac’s so you have somewhere dry to keep any phones or valuables. It’s very difficult to Instagram from the bottom of the ocean, plus keeping your phone safe will give you the chance to call our office in case you drift into a spot of trouble.


We have two types of kayaks for hire at Newquay Activity Centre; single or double. Maybe you’re a solo explorer looking to seek out the secrets of Kernow, or perhaps you’d just rather share the ocean with a partner or a friend. Either way we have the correct kayak for you.

All of our kayaks come equipped with seats, appropriately sized paddles and buoyancy aids. Our kayak hire in Cornwall will always be provided along with a good eyeball check of the ocean. There’s no point in sending you out on the water if the conditions aren’t suitable. We will always advise the safest and most enjoyable routes to match the conditions on the day. We offer Aquapacs for sale in order to take your mobile phone with you.


We also offer a handy selection of surf accessories to supplement your time in the ocean. These extra little touches will help make your time on the water much more comfortable and enjoyable during the colder months. Wetsuit boots, surf gloves and surf hoods all help to minimise heat loss from your extremities whilst surfing in the winter.

Speak to our friendly team members to hire out any boots, gloves or hoods if the water temperature is a little on the chilly side. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about how best to use our equipment, don’t hesitate to ask.


The importance of safety equipment on the water really can’t be stressed enough. For those unfamiliar with the ocean, buoyancy aids are a must. We stock a full range of top-quality and regularly maintained buoyancy aids that will help keep you safe and confident in the ocean.

When it comes to buoyancy aids (BA’s), finding the right fit is essential. They want to be tight enough to not rise up above your face in the water, but also not too restrictive that you can’t move your arms. Our staff are fully trained in supplying and fitting the correct size BA for you so please feel free to ask for their advice.


To compliment your bodyboard riding or ocean swimming we stock a variety of swim fins and flippers in a range of styles and sizes. These accessories are a great way to boost your speed on a bodyboard whilst giving you the extra drive you need to get on top of the wave at the right time.

Flippers will also benefit other activities such as ocean swimming, snorkelling and diving. They help to propel your body through the water with a reduced amount of proportional effort. Fins and flippers allow you to swim further and longer to maximise the fun.


With the majority of our coastal activity equipment catering for adventure above the water, we couldn’t leave the incredible undersea world undiscovered. We offer top level snorkel and masks and offer advice about some great tidal pools and coastal snorkel locations to explore. Whether you choose to grab a snorkel and mask to accompany your Stand Up Paddleboard hire, or you team them up with a set of swim fins, we’ve got you covered for an incredible day out. Above and below the water.