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Cornwall Castaway

Cornwall Castaway

£99 pp

2 hrs
Over 8
Experience bushcraft, super SUP and coasteering skills in our awesome coastal environment
Enjoy exhilarating team building fun through shipwreck scenarios!
Industry leading cliff and ocean guides that bring adventure to life
All equipment provided
Do you have what it takes to survive a shipwreck and relive the folklore of brave lifeboat men? Learn wilderness and coastal survival skills on our historic Cornwall Castaway!

What's Included

  • Expert, qualified, industry leading SUP, wilderness and coasteer instructors
  • Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, hi-visibility ID vests, super SUP and paddles provided for your team of castaways
  • Coastal awareness, safety briefing and kit checks before launch
  • Comprehensive instruction on correct techniques for both paddling, bushcraft and coasteering skills
  • Ultimate adventure as you test your wild swimming, cave survival and coasteering abilities
  • Hot outdoor showers and separate male & female toilets
  • Visiting with your dog? We have a selection of dog-friendly options to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun! Get in touch via our online chat to find out more today.
  • On-site storage and lockers for valuables
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In December 1917 a terrible storm battered the coast of Newquay. The Osten, a local fishing boat, got caught in the storm and was washed over the notoriously dangerous Cribbar reef – a modern day big wave surf spot where waves of up to 40ft break over shallow jagged rocks.


The alarm was raised and horses pulled the lifeboat to the slipway on Towan Headland. However, on arrival at the scene, the lifeboat’s new coxswain refused to launch in such weather and waves. Despite the coxswains orders, former cox Gill resisted saying he had been out in worse and formed a maverick crew of volunteers to rescue the Osten.


Much to the delight of onlookers, the lifeboat set sail under Gill’s command, but the boat was quickly tipped by huge waves. Her sails quickly filled with water so she could not self-right and the crew were washed overboard and into the cliffs.



Using their local knowledge of the coastline, the crew traversed their way to the relative safety of a cave known as the Tea Caverns. This was a smugglers cave in use from the 17th – 18th century used for smuggling tea, brandy and silk – all heavily taxed at the time. Do you think you’d have the mettle to traverse Newquay’s craggy cliffs while the Atlantic swells crash beneath you?


The storm raged for the following 3 days and 3 nights forcing the crew to weather it out in the cave. The men foraged for seagull eggs, crabs and shellfish and built fires from driftwood to cook and fend off the onset of hypothermia. When the storm finally passed the crew were rescued and awarded RNLI gallantry medals on their return to land.


Would you have the knowledge to survive in such an unforgiving environment?



You’ll be challenged on every level in a myriad of wilderness & adventure scenarios: wild swimming, coasteering, survival skills and navigating a rescue raft back to shore.


It’s no easy feat and to become a true Cornwall Castaway, you must successfully complete every wilderness & adventure challenge on offer. On arrival at the Newquay Activity Centre one of our experienced instructors will kit you out in a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet and lead you to the beginning of your Castaway adventure.





Shortly after being ‘shipwrecked’, your objective is to make dry land by means of wild sea swimming, climbing and traversing your way along the rocks, riding sluices (nature’s natural rapids) and diving into deep water plunge pools.



On making it to Dead man’s cove, you’ll take on a host of wilderness & adventure survival skills. Here you will forage, collect fuel to build a fire and also learn how to identify our fascinating marine and bird life.



Once your belly is full and energies recharged it is time to escape Dead man’s cove. Fortunately for you, a life raft (a.k.a our huge Super Stand Up Paddleboard) will be somewhere in the vicinity as a means of escape. Here, working as a team, you’ll learn how to launch & land the castaway raft, perform efficient paddle strokes (both standing up and kneeling down), steer & control the craft and navigate our craggy coastline back to the safety of the shore.



It’s not just action, adrenaline and heaps of fun, but you will walk away having learnt invaluable coastal survival skills and a tall tale to tell for the next 100 years!

Here at Newquay Activity Centre we have the necessary qualifications and experience to consistently maintain a high level of safety and fun. We are a two-time Gold award winner at the Cornwall Tourism Awards and a Gold award winner at the South West Tourism Awards.



Our purpose-designed centre, conveniently located near Towan beach, is your one-stop shop for ocean adventure activities in Newquay. When you book with Newquay Activity Centre, you get the care, attention, knowledge and feedback that you need.


We have hot outdoor showers, heated changing rooms, lockers for valuables, separate male & female toilets and clothing storage. We also have a hire centre for all of your needs after your lesson.

Book online today or contact us via our online chat and our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your questions. Book tomorrow’s activity today!

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