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Lusty Glaze Beach Map

Postcode: TR7 2RS
OS Grid Ref: SW 82406 62498

Whats the vibe like?

Lusty Glaze Beach is known for its beauty, the name is thought to derive from the Cornish translation of “a place to view blue boats”. Lusty Glaze has its own distinct identity and vibe, and is drastically different from all of the other beaches in Newquay. It’s very private and during the summer is a hugely popular wedding venue, so there are lots of events and restrictions based on its events calendar. It also hosts large music events at certain times during the summer, with festival vibes; these events are ticketed and may restrict your access to the beach if you turn up without checking ahead. 

Parking at Lusty Glaze Beach?

Lusty Glaze Beach Car Park

There is a carpark on the cliff top right above Lusty, and there is some unrestricted parking available on nearby residential streets.

Parking Charges at Lusty Glaze Beach 2024

Mon – Sun 08:00 – 18:00
1 Hour – £2.50
2 Hours – £4.50
3 Hours – £6.20
5 Hours – £8.50
Daily – £15.00

What's access to the beach like?

Access to Lusty Glaze is not for the uncommitted, there are no casual drop-in visitors, which is part of its charm. Access is via a long flight of very steep steps, there is no alternative route down, and therefore no disabled access from the cliff top. You’ll want to think twice about what you carry down, as you’ll feel the weight as you carry it all back up.

You can access Lusty Glaze from neighbouring Tolcarne beach during spring low tides, but it’s often a small window of time, and may involve some clambering over rocks once the tide pushes in – so be aware of the water movement if you’re wanting to return that way.

Are there public toilets at Lusty Glaze Beach?

There are toilets as part of the Lusty Glaze beach complex.

When do the lifeguards patrol?

Lifeguard Patrols 2024 (Check with RNLI for latest schedules):

Daily 13 July-01 September 

Patrol times 10am-6pm

Stay within the black and white flags if you are surfing

Stay within the red and yellow flags if you are swimming or bodyboarding 

If you are visiting the beach outside of lifeguarded hours then read the local signs and exercise caution in the water. If you find yourself in trouble in the water, stay calm and float to survive.

Are dogs welcome on Lusty Glaze Beach?

Dogs are welcome (under control) during the winter. There is a seasonal dog ban in place on the sand from June 1 – September 1 between the hours of 9am and 6pm, please check local signs. Dogs are welcome in the restaurant year round.

What is there to do on Lusty Glaze Beach?

Go Surfing:

Lusty Glaze is at the North end of Newquay bay, just before Porth beach. It’s a swell magnet and gets the biggest waves in the bay, at least half to one foot bigger than Tolcarne, Great Western & Towan.

At low tide on the right hand side you get some nice right handers that come off the headland that separates Lusty Glaze from Porth.

As the tide comes up there is a rock in the middle of the beach where you can get some funky bounces, creating some awesome wedges.

At high tide there is an amazing wedge that comes off the right hand cliff. Steeper than the wedge at Tolcarne and always quieter, it’s a little known spot but great fun.

Lusty is not always easily accessible, as mentioned it’s a pretty private place, with the steep set of steps as the main access. If you can go to the effort of getting there, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a great beach with brilliant facilities and a lot of fun to be had in the water.

Food and Drink:

Lusty Glaze has its own restaurant and bar on the beach. It’s a secluded spot and ideal if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of town. Just be aware of private events / restrictions which may affect your usage.

Lusty Glaze Restuarant

What else is there to learn about Lusty Glaze Beach?

Lusty Glaze is one of the few coastal sites to have been blessed with the bounty of iron ore. The small blue boats that were employed to transport the iron ore away were very visually striking (due to their colour) and easily identifiable as they shuttled back and forth across Newquay bay. In adverse sea conditions the iron ore was transported to the harbour by horse and cart, using a route across the beaches at low tide.  It was for this reason that when the Crown sold Lusty Glaze Beach, they sold both the iron ore rights and the land together, meaning the owners have the rare advantage of owning the beach right down to the low water mark. The once glorious mining heritage of Lusty Glaze was abandoned in the 1800s, either due to the mine being exhausted or further excavation being unviable – the exact reason is unclear. In 1921, Lusty Glaze Beach got a new lease of life when it opened as a private bathing resort. This marked a huge departure from its industrial past, and set it on a course to where it’s now positioned as a destination wedding venue.