10 Dangers of Surfing

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Surfing sure is a lot of fun, but, like any other sport, precautions need to be taken so that you do not put yourself in danger.

Newquay Activity Centre is a Newquay Surf School that puts client safety at the forefront of everything that we. We will always ensure that you are aware of the dangers of the sea before you hit the water.

Here, we highlight 10 dangers of surfing that will help build your confidence before your first surf lesson.

  1. Waves

Waves can be very deceptive and while they can appear manageable when you are looking on from the beach, in reality, they can be very powerful and may just catch you off guard. Your Newquay surf school teachers will always advise when the best time to surf is and when to avoid powerful waters.

  1. Drowning

It is advisable to go surfing with a friend or a teacher so that you have a back-up. This will be necessary for on the rare occasion that you may lose your board or you get trapped on a reef, for instance. Even the strongest of swimmers can fall into trouble, so you should never underestimate the seas.

  1. Marine Life

While there are no harmful sharks in Newquay (well, not that we know of!), if you are planning surfing in more exotic places, then you will need to look out for warnings about wildlife in the sea as stingrays and starfish are common in many areas.

  1. Riptides

Riptides can sweep you out to sea in a matter of seconds, even if you are a strong surfer.

  1. Surfboards

The pointed end of the surfboard is very sharp and can be dangerous, so maintaining good control of your board and staying out of the riptide’s way when you wipeout is essential.

  1. Leash Tangles

The leash can be very annoying when you are out surfing and it can be very dangerous if you get caught up in it. Leashes that have a swivel will give you some peace of mind.

  1. Sea Bed

Falling off your board can be painful, especially if you hit the seabed in an area where there is lots of rocks and coral, ouch!

  1. Crowds

If there are lots of people out surfing in the same spot, things can get a little uncomfortable and you may get your personal space invaded. If you are competing, then this can be difficult to avoid but at a place like Newquay you should find a quiet time at some point during the week.

  1. New Surfers

You can recognise a new surfer by lots of splashes and surfboards flying around! If you are an experienced surfer you will understand that you were a beginner once and to just get on with it!

  1. Lack of skills

Without a doubt, the biggest risk when surfing is if you enter the water when you have no experience. Yes, it is fun to fall off the board when you are starting out, but it is not a sport that you can just throw yourself into.

If you are looking for a Newquay surf school that you can rely on, give Newquay Activity Centre a call today and you will be riding the waves in no time.


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