Coasteering Developments at the NCC Symposium Weekend

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This year’s Coasteering Charter Symposium took place in Newquay last weekend.

NCC members met to review their last two years of coasteering, address subjects relating to the activity and to share experience through talks, demonstrations and workshops, both on land and in the water.

It was a very successful weekend,” said NCC Chairman, Jethro Moore.

The NCC has grown and it’s great to see the commercial providers come together and share practices and new ideas. It’s a lot of fun.

Coasteering is a fully hands on exploration of the coastline, incorporating rock climbing, sluice riding and rock jumping into a high intensity, adrenaline fuelled activity. It’s a staple here at the Newquay Activity Centre, that helps shape our core as Trip Advisor’s number one provider of coastal activities in Newquay.

Where is Newquay Activity Centre?

Our centre is located above a sheltered stretch of coastline called the Gazzle, a rugged route of cliff jumps, deep-water plunge pools and caves that have a rich and varied history. It’s the perfect place to get up close and personal with our coastline.

NAC Business Manager and extreme coasteer leader, Jorrin Massingham played a key role in this year’s symposium.

What was your main role in the weekend?

I am one of the NCC representatives for Cornwall. Our basic responsibilities are to liaise with local coasteer providers, organise and deliver training sessions and report back to the national members at our AGM’s.

I helped to organize the symposium that meant creating awareness through advertising, drumming up support from the local community, finding a venue (rowing club) and getting industry experts to give talks. I became the point of contact for booking your place on the weekend.

“A symposium is held every two years in a different location to coincide with a bi-annual committee meeting. Here we welcome new members, providers, learn and share best practice through a mixture of work shops and talks from outdoor industry experts.”

Groups were directed in skills workshops throughout the weekend focussing on incident prevention and management, environmental impact management, coasteering equipment and jumping at height with technical advance.

What makes coasteering in Cornwall so special?

Coasteering on the north Cornwall coastline is unique due to the endless shores filled with bays, inlets and caves for exploring.

The noticeable difference is that compared to many other parts of the UK we see a lot of swell.  This alone makes each session very different and the risks more dynamic and immediate; something that is commented on by visiting providers.

Why should people try coasteering with NAC?

We’re a well-established provider at the forefront of developing the activity through a constant commitment to high standards, safety and progressive sessions.

We offer something for everyone.

With nine established coasteering routes, we also work in conjunction with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust to provide an Eco Coasteer, and other high tide and low tide options, including a Heritage coasteer and endurance routes.

To find out more, check out our website or give us a call on 01637 877722


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