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Boogie Down Memory Lane – Bodyboarding In Cornwall. Vol 1 Part II

By James Fisher

Have you ever been bodyboarding in Newquay? Have you felt the addictive rush of adrenaline on the inside of a tube on a sunny day? If so, you’ll know there’s no other place you’d rather be than in that very moment when nothing else matters. Being at one with the ocean is an extremely enjoyable, yet humbling experience. With Newquay Activity Centre’s wide selection of bodyboard lessons, we’re sure you’ll find something suitable to share this exhilarating experience too. 

Bodyboarding in Cornwall is a huge draw for many people who live in this part of the world. You truly get to appreciate the sheer might of Mother Nature as she lets you harness this energy for pleasure. The juxtaposition between colossal power and playful fun is something that’s ever-present. This may sound like an unattainable spiritual awakening, but the truth is that bodyboarding is one of the most easily accessible sports for people of all ages and abilities. The smaller board and lower centre of gravity means it’s less energy demanding than surfing, and easier to pick up as a complete newbie. 

Throughout the years, we have had our bodyboard lessons in Newquay come in many forms and variations. What works for one person might not suit another, and the pace at which people learn can vary massively. We’ve adapted our bodyboard lessons over time to suit the needs of individuals by providing small group sizes, experienced instructors and personal feedback. On this journey of exploration, we have seen many lessons come and go as new ones take shape. This two-part blog has taken a moment to remember a couple of classic lessons that set the tone for progression. In this blog, we will look at our previously offered Developer Bodyboard Lesson.

Developer Bodyboard Lessons

(Four lessons)


  • 4 lesson format
  • Small group size – max 5
  • Tailored, progressive lessons to adapt to your needs and goals
  • Equipment, changing rooms and insurance included

Learn bodyboarding in Cornwall or improve your level of riding whatever your ability with our Developer Bodyboarding Lessons at Newquay Activity Centre.  Structured to offer progressive learning, the number, frequency and intensity of our Developer Bodyboarding Lessons will enable you to pick up skills and tricks more quickly, and maximise the fun.

Learn to bodyboard at Europe’s first dedicated school!

We offer a format of progressive tuition tailored to your requests.  The frequency and number of Developer Bodyboarding Lessons will enable you to learn bodyboarding techniques in a logical, progressive manner with the emphasis on fun.

How does it work? 

You’ll collect your Rip Curl wetsuit, fins, finsocks and ID vest to suit up in our heated changing rooms with lockers for valuables, before hitting Towan Beach. From day one we’ll teach you the fundamentals of bodyboarding before fine-tuning your skills. 

The Developer Bodyboarding series guarantees that you will finish with a firm understanding of how to become a more informed and proficient rider. After four sessions you will have a wide knowledge of the best ocean conditions, equipment and wave riding techniques.

We’re the best in the business!

Newquay Activity Centre is the only specialist Bodyboarding School in Cornwall that uses a 1:5 ratio of instructors to students. We’re a certified Surfing England Centre of Excellence and all our bodyboarding lessons have been designed by British Team Coach, Rob Barber

This means when you learn bodyboarding in Cornwall with us you’re guaranteed the highest level of tuition in the industry.

To find out more, check out our ultimate guide to bodyboarding.

What’s Included

  • Four epic bodyboarding lessons
  • One free half-day use of bodyboarding equipment to practice in between sessions
  • Allocation of equipment, Rip Curl wetsuit, fins, fin socks, ID vests and bodyboard
  • A range of boards to improve your riding
  • Personal goal-setting
  • Equipment, changing rooms and insurance included
  • Bodyboarding Progression Log
  • 10% discount for your following session to feed your addiction!
  • 10% discount for a coasteer or surfing experience with us
  • 10% discount on Found and Core bodyboards at the Bodyboard-Depot
  • Discount card for apres surf food/drink and the Rip Curl shop (15%)
  • 15% discount at the Rip Curl store in Newquay

This lesson came about due to the importance of solo water time after your
bodyboarding lesson in Newquay. Having the chance to consolidate what you’ve learned, at your own pace and in your own time is paramount to achieving success long after your lesson has finished. 

If a series of expertly coached bodyboard lessons is something you feel you would benefit from, why not check out our Bodyboard Coaching Weekends and skyrocket your skills over just a few days. [LINK WHEN LIVE]

If you would like to see what else bodyboarding in Newquay can offer you, feel free to get in touch via our online chat. Alternatively you can head over to our Bodyboarding FAQ page where you’ll find all of the answers you’re looking for. Check out our full range of bodyboarding in Cornwall activities here. Booking can be completed quick and easily online through our website for any activity you may be interested in. We hope to see you in our new centre soon!


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