Help Build Your Child’s Confidence Through Surfing

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Taking part in sporting activities is a great way to boost your child’s confidence.

Through interacting with other people as they take part in sports, your child will have more confidence when it comes to social interaction as well as achieving new goals.

Building confidence through surfing

Surfing is a fun activity that offers an awesome way for you to help build your child’s self-esteem.

The sea can be a relaxing and calm environment for children who are anxious when they are in confined spaces.

Getting out and about in the fresh air will do wonders for the mind and can help the body feel invigorated.

Learning the ins and outs of surfing, including everything from understanding the nature of the sea and mastering balancing, will enable your child to set him/herself goals that can be celebrated once they are achieved.

Many children lose motivation when it comes to sports as they tend to play the same old games in PE at school. After-school clubs also typically centre around ball games or athletics.

With surfing, your child is taking part in something different so they may stay more motivated when it comes to improving their physical abilities and mixing with others.

When it comes to searching for a surfing school, Cornwall is number one

If you are looking for a surfing school, Cornwall is the best that the UK has to offer in the form of the Newquay Activity Centre.

The centre has a number of highly qualified surf tutors that will put your child’s mind at ease when starting on their surfing journey.

Our team of professionals understand that some children may be nervous about starting out in a new sport and equally, they will be able to handle children who are over-confident and may need to be reigned in to ensure they are kept safe. 

Services for both children and families

Newquay Activity Centre has a range of services on offer for children and families, including:

  • 121 surfing lessons
  • Group surfing lessons with friends and peers
  • Bodyboarding lessons
  • Family surfing lessons
  • Fistral rangers classes


If you want to introduce your child to surfing but are worried they may be nervous, you can rest assured that you will have a prime spot in observing everything that your child does, so that they are at ease knowing you are in sight.

We also offer kids parties so that your child and his/her friends can have a fun surf themed birthday.

If you want to enrol your child in the best surfing school, Cornwall really is the place to start and you can trust in Newquay Activity Centre to look after all of your child’s needs.


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