NAC supports Gareth Davies for Help For Heroes Surfing Championships

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Newquay Activity Centre works closely with military groups and veterans to provide bespoke, adventure training activities and support in Cornwall, including military bodyboarding, surfing and coasteering.

Our relationship with the military is something we’re extremely proud of,” said Director Rob Barber, “and with an emphasis on pushing personal boundaries, teamwork and developing leadership skills, we’ve offered an extensive array of specialist military activities since 1998.”

This year, our Surf GB and lifeguard qualified instructors have developed a new selection of military skill-focussed trials, be we’re not forgetting our core favourites; bodyboarding, surfing and Military bodyboarding

When a persistent injury forced Naval Veteran, Gareth Davies to retire from the military, he set his sights on staying active around the ocean and approached our bodyboarding team for some expert tuition.

Having supported the armed forces charity, SSAFA in the past, we were stoked to have him involved in a selection of bodyboarding coaching weekends and holidays to support his progression! 1-1 coaching and goal setting, footage analysis and post surf feedback were core-coaching techniques used to help improve his skills and he’ll soon be putting them to the test!

This weekend, Davies will compete in the Help For Heroes Adaptive Surfing Championships at Surf Snowdonia, sponsored by Newquay Activity Centre, Bodyboard Holidays!

We wish Gareth the best of luck and can’t wait to watch him compete in the championships!

Alongside core military AT, we also offer: 

Surf Survivor: Newquay Activity Centre’s beach and ocean based survival and leadership task and the ultimate team-building tournament 

Mountain Biking and Kayaking: Discover challenging routes requiring strength and agility while mountain biking or sea kayaking in Cornwall 

Super stand up paddle boarding: Your mission is to command this huge stand-up paddleboard along Newquay’s craggy coastline and through secret smugglers coves.

Super SUP and Coasteer: The Super SUP + Coasteer challenge tests a diverse range of skill sets that are transferable to a myriad of other adventure sports in and out the water. 

Racing Super SUP: We like to describe it as the Oxford / Cambridge boat race meets the Battle of Trafalgar and Stand Up Paddling. 

Lifeguard Trials: The Lifeguard Trials Adventure Training Course is a comprehensive course in water sport skills & safety that is practical and motivating.  

Cornwall Castaway: A good blend of transferable physical and mental challenges that will push personal boundaries to their limits. 

To make it easy and hassle free for you to book, we provide:

  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Normal Operating Procedures
  • Instructor Qualifications
  • Insurance and Risk Assessments
  • 40% military discount for groups of five and over

Call now: 01637 877722


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