Newquay Activity Centre Presents to Surf Science Students

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Director of the Newquay Activity Centre Rob Barber visited the students of Cornwall College in Newquay who are in the process of completing a surf science degree.

Rob has worked in the surf and water sports industry for over 20 years and presented his own experiences and knowledge to the group on how to work within the industry as well as offering some key tips and advice for the students to take on board and utilise on their surf science course.

There was a great deal to cover from the early days of a one-man surf school in Perranporth to today with the multi activity centre in Newquay that has a full time staff as well as a large crew of instructors and guides. The group asked questions that were specific to their ambitions within the industry and found the talk incredibly useful.

We’ve managed to create a loop of sustainable tourism with Cornwall College through these types of presentations as well as attracting them as customers to the centre and ultimately employing the students themselves too in a variety of roles. We have the same arrangement at the surf academy at Treviglas College where two of our best employees Joe Woodhouse and Rob Henwood came through the system. We wish all the surf academy and surf science students all the best for their future endeavors within the industry and we look forward to supporting them along the way.


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