Maximise your surfing potential with 3X National Champion, Johnny Fryer.

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Join a Multi Surf Lessons Package and skyrocket your surfing ability over the course of two days!

Whether you’re an intermediate looking to improve your skills set, or are a seasoned rider who has built-up bad habits, you’ll be set on a course of improvement in a group made up entirely of like minded, stoked-up surfers, all looking to progress their surfing ability.

Newquay Activity Centre head surfing coach and former British Champion, Johnny Fryer will oversee a series of three-hour group sessions using expert iAM Band analysis and coaching to assess your existing surf abilities. Goal setting and video footage breakdown will then help ensure the right skills are worked on during coaching to progress your surfing and confidence. You’ll receive three coaching sessions over two full days of expert instruction from 3X National Champion and ISA level 2 Instructor, Johnny Fryer.

“The Progressor Surf Coaching Weekends are fun yet intensive opportunities to make significant improvements to your surfing ability,” said Fryer.

“Aimed at those who surf but want to improve, we build up a solid surfing foundation, then develop new skills. You’ll have the full attention of myself and our team to guide and support your surfing development.”

“We’ll be studying footage of our surfing sessions, setting goals for the weekend and having the best time as a group in and out of the water. It’s not a boot camp, but we guarantee that your surfing will improve in a fun, social surf camp setting!”

The weekends will include:

  • Three coaching sessions at Cornwall’s finest beaches with both beach and ocean tuition. We also go mobile to score the best waves!
  • Feedback on every ride, paddle out and wipe out
  • Official surf ability grading using theiAM Bands scheme
  • Individual goal setting, breaking progression barriers down and taking you to the next level
  • Experienced videographer/photographer supplying professional footage to review
  • Autumn camp surf progression clinic and Q&A to remedy all your surf-related issues
  • Individual prizes for the most improved riders
  • 15% discount at The Boardroomand Rip Curl Concept Store
  • Accommodation / food packages available


Join one of our Multi Surf Lesson Packages today and skyrocket your surfing abilities with Newquay Activity Centre!

Call 01637 877722 today or check out our Website for more information. 

Johnny Fryer Surf Coaching Weekend



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