Snorkel kayak tour reveals hidden gems to the Newquay Voice

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When Warren Wilkins from the Newquay Voice joined us for a snorkel kayak tour we showed him parts of the coastline that he never even knew existed. To say that he was blown away by the experience is an understatement.

With the sun beaming down, he explored hidden coves with us and delved beneath the water to discover marine life like he’d never seen before. Here’s what he had to say. 

“NAC organises kayak snorkel adventures around the Gazzle, which is such a beautiful and dramatic stretch of coastline. In the capable hands of instructor Johnny Fryer, my wife Gemma and I, were given guidance on how to manoeuvre the kayak around close to the water’s edge so there was no prior experience necessary. 

We paddled out exploring the coastline navigating the kayak into the caves and around its tidal inlets. The sun was so bright the seawater had turned a turquoise colour, which was reminiscent of the Caribbean. There was plenty of wildlife on show with seals basking in the sun on rocks and Cormorants and Gannets having a stretch on Dane Rock. We kept a distance from Kittiwakes nesting along the Gazzle and made our way over to the stretch of coastline by the old lifeboat slip. There we put on our snorkels and took the plunge below the surface. The calm sea conditions meant that the water visibility was so clear. It takes a few moments for your eyesight to adjust and at first what you might think is a rock seabed is in fact dozens of spider crabs who come in close to shore in the early summer months as the sea temperatures rise. In places it was like a carpet of crabs. There were also dozens of fish including bass and brown wrasse as well as shoals of literally hundreds of sand eels. In amongst the kelp there was a vast array of different brightly coloured marine plants. The underwater landscape was dramatic with drops of tens of metres in places. It really was an underwater scene that could rival any in the world. 

Johnny even threw in a bit of history into the adventure, which included being shown the Tea Caverns where smugglers are said to have landed and stored their contraband. One of mine and Gemma’s favourite walks with our three children is between Fistral and Newquay Harbour and it was great getting a different perspective from the water. You don’t realise how many nooks and crannies there are along there. Newquay’s coastal scenery is simply stunning. It just goes to show you don’t have to travel half way round the world to experience a vast array of wildlife. 

Newquay Activity Centre offer a great experience. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, simply curious about our coastline’s marine environment or you want to try something completely unique, I would thoroughly recommend getting out there and seeing what’s on your doorstep.” 

What a review!

To follow in Warren’s footsteps and discover this hidden side of Newquay, get in touch to book a snorkel kayak tour. It combines two awesome activities in one and guarantees amazing marine wildlife encounters.


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