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Water quality, temperature and wind are all elements that can affect the health of your ears whilst exposed in the water, highlighting the importance of protecting them from regular water immersion. Our surfing, bodyboarding and coasteering instructors are in the water every day and will be taking part in the event this August!

We’re teaming up with SURFPLUGS this August to offer a day of free custom fittings for quality ear protection. Join us on the 19th from 10am at our booking office and get free ear impressions for individually moulded plugs.

We spoke to Tracy Bennet from SURFPLUGS UK to find out why it’s so important to protect your ears whilst in the water.

What are surfplugs?

Surfplugs are custom moulded earplugs made from medical grade silicone and designed to offer ultimate protection during high-energy water sports. They have a three-year lifecycle to fit the growth of adult ears and are lacquer coated for a hygienic gloss finish. We have a huge colour range and the plugs come with a selection of accessories including a safety leash and storage instructions. 

How much will it be to get your ears measured?

Nothing! We won’t be charging for ear impressions and we can hold your measurements on file until customers are ready to order for birthdays / Christmas etc. Most places charge £50 for mouldings so customers will be saving lots of pennies!

How much will the plugs be? 

Surfplugs are £79.99 and include a 3-colour combination, leash, pouch, fitting instructions, a negative mould kept on file for future orders at £49.99 and P&P 1st class recorded delivery.

How long will they last?

It’s recommended that adults have ear impressions taken every 3-4 years as our ears are still growing.

Why should surfers use plugs?

To prevent the risk of developing surfer’s ear, but many wear them to prevent ear infections. 

What hours will you be operating in Newquay Activity Centre and do people have to book?

No booking needed! We will arrive around 9am and be set up for 10m at the latest. We’re happy to stay until 8pm if needed!Any questions? Give us a call on 01637 877722. See you there!


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