Will our lesson be cancelled if it’s wet and windy outside?

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We’re not afraid of some wind and rain! If the waves are good, your lesson will go ahead. The only time we will cancel a lesson is if sea-related conditions are too dangerous to learn in.

Surfers are hardy souls, once you’ve caught the bug you’ll want to practice as much as possible. With the kit and core skills, you can get in the water at any time of year!

When should we book a lesson?

Winter is a bit colder, but it’s a great time of year for surfing. Winter storms out to sea create ground swells that travel in towards our coastlines and turn into some of the best quality waves of the year. Bad weather doesn’t always mean bad waves, and this still applies when our British summers get a bit grey!

At the beginning of every session, we’ll provide you with the correct kit for the time of year, to make sure you’re protected from the weather and will enjoy catching waves. These will include:

  • A wetsuit
  • A foam surfboard or bodyboard
  • Neoprene booties, gloves and hoods in the winter


If you’re coasteering, you’ll also be given:

  • A helmet
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Second shortie wetsuit for protection


Remember you’ll be getting wet in the sea anyway, so a bit of rain will just add to the fun!

How qualified are your instructors?

All of our coaches are fully qualified beach lifeguards, surf, bodyboard and coasteering coaches who have years of personal experience in the water. It takes passion to be a professional coach and as part of the Newquay Activity Centre crew, they are continuously trained and tested in all weather and sea conditions. Our teams are prepared for all situations and we work closely with the RNLI to ensure your safety both in and out of the water.

How do I book a session? 

Take a look at our website and see which activities you’d like to try. There are so many options to choose; from 1-1 private surfing lessons to super stand up paddle boarding group coasteers.

Make an enquiry through our website or give us a ring and we’ll provide you with the availability and details. We work around the tide to ensure we provide the best sessions during the safest parts of the day, so give our team your preferred time and we’ll check it then and there for you.

Where to check the weather before booking your lesson 

Easter is just around the corner, so take a look on the BBC Weather website if you want to check the weather before booking a session. You can also find the surf report and forecast before you arrive, so check out Magic Seaweed and you’ll find swell, wind and weather predications for Newquay’s beaches.

Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities and we will only cancel lessons if conditions are dangerous. If this is the case, you’ll be given a full credit note valid for a full year and we will rearrange your session!

If you’re worried or unsure about the weather having booked a session, give us a call on 01637 877722.

Alternatively, you can check out our Terms and Conditions


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