2024 Season Starts With Instructor Training!

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We pride ourselves on having the best trained instructors in the business, so with the summer season in Newquay fast approaching we welcomed back our team with a training evening and social event!

The focus was on getting things right for our customers, so every activity we host is the best it can be.

Some of the topics that were covered were:

Arriving for your session

Checking conditions adapting sessions to suit.

Ensuring customer enrolments are complete.

Making sure equipment is safe and ready to be used.  Kitting up customers in a timely manner so they aren’t waiting around unnecessarily.

Meeting & Greeting Customers

Greeting customers and welcoming them to Newquay Activity Centre.

Checking all safety equipment fits well and is worn correctly.

Locking away securely customer valuables.

During Activities

Ensure that all customers get complete satisfaction from their activity.

Hosting your customer and going the extra mile.

After Activities

Show the customer to heated showers and changing room.

Return their valuables.

Inform the customer how they will get their photos of the session.

Ask the customer for a Google or Tripadvisor review

Emergency Training

Emergency plan, what happens if their is an incident.

Red flags and stormy conditions.

Scenario training (ongoing scenario training takes place every 2 weeks during the season).

Incidents and near miss recording, taking the appropriate actions.

Handling customer medical conditions and medication.


After Training

The team enjoyed an evening in the local pub and some awards were handed out including the first instructor of the month for 2024 who was Sean!

After a successful initial training session, instructors will follow this every two weeks during the season, with real world scenario training, to enable continuous professional development in their instructor skills.  You can learn more about what qualifications our instructors have on our blog.



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