5 Great Mobile Apps For Surfers

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If you are an avid surfer and simply do not have the time to check how the weather is on the radio or TV each time you want to hit the waves, downloading mobile apps may just be for you! 

While there are very few surfing apps, the ones that have hit the market are very well thought out and are practical to use 

We take a look at the top 5 surfing apps that you should download to enhance your surf activity. 


Boardline is a fantastic app developed by a water science engineer that helps surfers find the perfect board.

The app asks you to enter your weight and height as well as your style and preferred brands and models. 

If you are just starting out, as part of your surfing lesson, Cornwall based Newquay Activity Centre will help you choose the right board and then you can use this app once you are ready to advance. 


This app is designed with beginners and professionals in mind, as it has a variety of features ranging from helping you to choose a wetsuit, watching video tutorials and inputting data to track. 

We like the way the team behind the app have separated tutorials based on differing skill levels, which keep you motivated as you progress through the tiers. 

GoFlow Surf

GoFlow is a social media platform for lovers of the outdoors and is getting rave reviews within the surfing community. 

You will soon find that once you start your first surfing lesson, Cornwall will draw you in and you will want to share your experiences with other surfing enthusiasts. 

The app allows you to connect with friends and share everything from your latest surf tips or where to head for the best weather. 


Surfline is one of the most popular apps used in the surfing community as it produces great surf reports and long-range weather forecasts from all corners of the world. 

We love that you can zoom into over 300 beaches situated on the most popular surfing designations from around the globe—what better way to motivate you to save up and head to Hawaii? 

MSW Surf Forecast 

Get the latest weather from surf spots all around the world so that you can choose when to head out to catch a few waves. 

This app is updated regularly throughout the day and will give you up to 14 days worth of weather forecasting, as well as the ability to easily search the nearest beaches. 

Users find the easy swipe-style navigation particularly good for using when they are in a rush and are moving quickly from one spot to the next while travelling. 

If you want to book a surfing lesson, Cornwall offers the best that the UK has to offer at Newquay Activity Centre. You can find more information on our website or give us a call today to speak with one of the team.


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