A Month Of Surfing That Can Change Your Life For Ever

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28 Days Surfing EverydayLearning is a humbling experience, but can also be empowering when you take responsibility for your own progression. Check out what a recent beginner student gained by surfing everyday for a month… 

If you set your mind to the task you can achieve anything. Is there a surf or fitness goal you’ve been dwelling on for a while?

Outdoor Activity Instructor course graduate Bex Mantle set herself the goal of surfing for 28 days straight during February. She wrote a daily diary about her experience. Having completed our 3 month course, her big mission was to really finesse her surfing skills and boy did she do it.

Read on for a few inspiring extracts for those that are thinking of upping their surf time!

“Back in November during yet another frustrating surf spent thrashing around in the white water, neither enjoying myself nor making any progress, I promised myself that, this was going to be the winter I’d crack it. I didn’t really establish ‘how’ I was going achieve my goal, but I knew I wanted to emerge from winter riding green waves and living a dreamy life. I had ages to work on it, or so it seemed…… My attempt at 28 surfs in 28 days began as a gimmicky personal challenge, but genuinely has started to transform the way I approach surfing and how I’m supporting myself during this humbling learning process.


sun_with_face I stopped making excuses, and I started finding time to surf
sun_with_face I experienced the magic of dawnies and sunset surfs
sun_with_face I explored new surf spots and went on a few road trips
sun_with_face I surfed in all conditions, small, huge, spring highs and neepy lows
sun_with_face I became much more familiar with surf forecasting
sun_with_face I strengthened friendships through surfing
sun_with_face I noticed the benefit of the cold water, the way it cleared my head and set me up for the day
sun_with_face I leant the power of consistency over intensity, taking a baby step forward each surf and focusing on just one thing at a time.
sun_with_face I stopped taking myself so seriously, and getting frustrated by my mistakes.”


Epic Job Bex!

If you’d like to become a surf instructor like Bex, why not take a look at the following two courses:

Outdoor Activity Instructor Course

Intensive Surf instructor Course


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