Amazing Cornish coastal adventures for spring!

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Spring has sprung – it’s time for some awesome ocean adventures in Newquay!

Low Tide Eco Coasteer

With the arrival of warmer seas and brighter sunnier days, Cornwall’s coastline comes alive becoming even more inviting to keen ocean adventurers in the early spring. Embark on an Eco Spring low tide coasteer with Newquay Activity Centre and you will quickly discover that coasteering is not only about jumping off high cliffs.  As the big spring tides recede further than usual fascinating sea creatures are revealed which are usually much harder to find throughout the rest of the year. Crustaceans and anemones live in the deep rock pools and cliff edges alongside crabs, lobsters and starfish.

A Low tide eco coasteer will take you on an adventure through caves, sluices and whirlpools and encounter the local wildlife. Alternative coasteering routes will see you experience the mystical Cornish coast, swim into water filled caves and whirl pass rocks jutting out of the caves where grey seals doze. You also get to enjoy the incredible environment and beautiful indigenous wild life, including seals, dolphins and sea birds.

Cornwall Castaway

To mark the 101st anniversary of a legendary ocean tale and in honour of the brave fisherman and RNLI crew who miraculously survived a storm on the high seas in 1917, Newquay Activity Centre has launched a new ocean activity, ‘Cornwall Castaway’

An adventure tale discovered at Newquay’s Old Cornwall Society (Newquay Museum), which dates back to 1917, and records details of an immense Cornish storm which hit the county during the winter of 1917. The Osten, a local fishing boat, was in trouble in the storm and while some RNLI members declared that it was too treacherous to go to sea, a brave and maverick crew of RNLI volunteers was formed and launched the rescue boat intent on saving the fishermen and The Olsten.

After being washed overboard, the men took sheltered in the cliffs and caves before making it back to land. Dramatically they survived the storm, but they could not save The Olsten.

To mark the 101st anniversary of this legendary castaway tale, Newquay Activity Centre has created the Cornwall Castaway activity, set upon part of Newquay’s coastal area known as The Gazzle.

The Cornwall Castaway ocean activity inspires groups to embark on their own challenge to complete a series of wilderness & adventure scenarios. With guided instructors, participants will be shipwrecked and will have to navigate a rescue raft back to shore, get out into open sea and set out wild sea swimming, climbing and traversing their way along the rocks, riding sluices (nature’s natural rapids) and diving into deep water plunge pools. Reaching the caves, the ocean adventurers will have to forage for edible cave delicacies, collect fuel to build a fire and also learn how to identify our fascinating marine and bird life.

Super size your ocean adventure with this new Super SUP adventure!

New coastal adventures for family and friends to do together. 

With Newquay’s seven beaches and craggy coastline, it’s an epic adventure playground for visitors all year round, with a plethora of activities for friends and family to do, learn, eat and see.

This year Newquay Activity Centre has developed their newest ocean adventure activity the ‘Super SUP & Coasteer’ which will see family and friends attempting to learn to navigate the coast as a group and embark on a coastal adventure like no other!

The Super SUP is a large stand up paddle board on which 6 friends will learn how to launch the Super SUP from the beach, paddle, balance, kneel and stand up paddle, practicing how to perfect their combined paddle strokes and surf the ocean swells, together!

Attempting to stay steady on their feet whilst also trying to steer the board around our cliffs and caves is a skill that can be quickly learned with the right instruction. Prepare to see a new perspective of the coastal wildlife and be informed of the coasts rich history, myths and legends. The groups will be balancing their body and containing giggles as they attempt to synchronise with the swell and surf. Until you’ve tried our fun games you won’t know who will be crowned King of the SUP and take the bragging rights home with them.

Snorkel Kayak Tour, where land ends and adventure begins…

A newly launched Snorkel Kayak Safari means that ocean adventurers will see more marine life in an exciting new Cornish adventure launched by Newquay Activity Centre.

With the arrival of spring, comes calmer and warmer seas, and Blue Planet enthusiasts can easily wonder in the deep blue on the stunning North Cornish coast on an exciting wild sea and coastal Kayak Snorkel Safari.

After getting kitted up with wetsuits and equipment, the ocean adventurers will launch their single and double (sharing) kayaks and venture out to the craggy coastline of Newquay’s ‘The Gazzle’ where the deep cliffs, caves, caverns and rocky areas reveal an array of nooks, crannies and secret beaches to explore.


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