Beach clean for litter-free Eco coasteers at Newquay Activity Centre

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Cleaner Coasteering in Newquay: Instructors beach clean up for litter-free adrenaline activities

Written by Anya Gilbert

Instructors at the Newquay Activity Centre have developed a beach clean up approach to protecting our local coastal environment and delivering cleaner coasteers every day. Our team took to the Gazzle and collected bags of litter to kick-start the beach clean up strategy, and now you can help too. 

Protecting wildlife In the Gazzle 

Preserving the quality of our coastal environment and ensuring its protection is a number one priority of the Newquay Activity Centre. We live to enjoy everything the coast has to offer and having clean, litter free waters is vitally important for the health and safety of native wildlife, as well as our own. To support this and our work with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, our coaches now perform daily coasteer clean-ups to help keep our coastal landscape clean. 

Our Activity Centre is situated just above the Gazzle, a special stretch of coastline in Newquay, Cornwall that boasts an array of natural rapids, whirlpools and ledges. It’s the perfect coasteer playground and a year-round home to local seals. During a coasteer with Newquay Activity Centre you’ll explore the historic caves and caverns that once played host to pirates and tea plunderers, as well as the old lifeboat slipway and witches rock. There’s nothing like exploring these areas hands-on whilst surrounded by healthy flora and fauna.

Environmental sustainability around Newquay’s coastlines

With environmental sustainability at the forefront of our minds, we have started a new strategy to enrich your coasteering experience; a two-minute beach clean up with your instructor to collect as much litter as possible from the coasteer route. Whether you’re visiting on holiday or are a resident, you’ll be making a direct and positive impact to the local area by helping to prevent pollution entering our coastal environment. You’ll be amazed by what you find in just two minutes! We also hope our beach clean ups ignite a wave of environmental consciousness by inspiring our clients to continue similar efforts at their local beach in the future.

Head Coach, Johnny Fryer said: “It’s a beautiful stretch of coastline with some amazing wildlife. The least we can do is help protect it by keeping harmful materials from finding their way on to the ecosystem.”

Our instructors are continuously trained to ensure they offer the safest but most memorable experiences you can find around Cornwall’s coastline. So get in touch or check out our website and experience your own eco-conscious coasteer today!


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