Choosing The Right Foam Surfboard

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Progressing with surfing can feel exhilarating and bewildering all at the same time. So much to learn in a changing environment. However, after a few surf lessons with Newquay Activity Centre, you may well start looking for your own surfboard to practice on between surf coaching with the Newquay Activity Centre team.

Starting and progressing on a foam surfboard is a smart move. These days, foam surfboards are extremely well-designed and well-constructed. A far cry from ten years ago. They also hold their value much more than hard surfboards, as the demand for them is always high.

So with a huge selection of soft surfboards on the market, what should you look for when shopping around?

Foam Surfboard Volume & Size

Surfers come in all shapes and sizes, and so do surfboards. If you’re starting out then you’ll want a surfboard that’s at least 12” taller than you. Hence why surfboards in the 7’ and 7’6” range do very well. If you want a bit of extra help learning to surf then look for an 8’ or 8’6” foam board. For younger children this length can drop to 6’6” to 7’.

Length isn’t the only factor in wave-catching maths. The overall volume of a foam board can have a huge impact on your surfing success. The higher the volume the more “float” the board will have. The board below is 7’ long and has a volume of 72 litres.

Choosing A Foam Surfboard

Short And Long Foam Surfboards

If you’re an intermediate surfer, you can choose a foam shortboard for faster turning and a more skateboard style of surfing. You can also opt for a foam longboard which is 9’ ad longer, ideal for surfers who want to practice cross-stepping and nose riding or simply live somewhere with smaller waves (like the south coast of England). The image below is a typical longboard foam board with a volume of 98 litres.

Choosing A Foam Surfboard

Some foam longboards now come with a fin box which is a great addition as you can switch out fins and really change up the feel of your board. Sliding the fin forward will make the board feel loser and moving the fin back towards the tail will stiffen the board up. 

Choosing the right foam surfboard is an essential step in enhancing your surfing experience.

Your skill level, the size of the board, wave conditions, shape, and fin setup are all crucial factors to consider when making your selection. Remember, the perfect foamie for you may not be the same as someone else.  With the right foam surfboard by your side, you’ll be riding the waves with confidence and joy, enjoying every moment on the water. Newquay-based online surf shop 10 Over Surf Shop has a full range of foam boards available.


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