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This summer of all summers is the perfect time to enjoy coasteering in Cornwall. The first few months of the year have felt like a lifetime in waiting. Understandably we are all itching to go and want to enjoy the outdoors in the safest way possible. Coasteering is an epic adventure that will give you the chance to see the coastline of Newquay like nothing else. Coasteering in Newquay gives you the opportunity to attempt deep water jumps, traverse low-level rocks, ride natural rapids and explore the old smugglers caves frequented by pirates many years ago in Newquay. Under the watchful eyes of our expertly qualified instructors, you can test your limits and completely let your sense of adventure take over.

What To Expect Coasteering In Cornwall

Come high tide, Newquay Activity Centre is surrounded by its own natural bay area. With Newquay Harbour to our east and The Island to our west, Towan beach turns into our own personal playground. As a company we have been providing ocean adventures for over 20 years. With this experience behind us, we are able to offer 18 different routes and activities to suit anyone who may be thinking of joining us for some coasteering in Cornwall. Here at Newquay Activity Centre we love to encourage everyone to enjoy the ocean. We understand people have different fitness levels, fears and phobias. That’s why we offer so many different types of coasteering in Newquay. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the sport, or are a seasoned pro. We have something that will get your heart racing and your face smiling. Whether it’s the engine roaring jet boat coasteer or the more leisurely super SUP coasteer, you’re bound to find something that suits your style. All of our instructors are highly qualified and have years of experience to make sure you’re in the safest hands possible. We will never force you to jump if you don’t want to, but we will always be close by for those who want some gentle persuasion. Coasteering In Cornwall

What You Need To Wear Coasteering In Cornwall

In terms of kit investment, coasteering falls under the ‘minimal outlay for maximum reward’ category. Thankfully you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to enjoy coasteering in Cornwall. You should always approach coasteering as part of a professionally guided group to remain safe at all times. If you book through us, we will provide you with wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and high visibility rash vests. All we ask you to bring is swimwear for under your wetsuit, a post adventure towel and some decent lace-up shoes or trainers with hard soles. You will spend a lot of time climbing up and over the rocky outcrops that form part of the intertidal zone around Cornwall. Hard soles will cushion your feet from any sharp rocks and good laces will give you extra support. They will also make sure you don’t lose your trainers half way through your adventure!

Coasteering Cornwall

Fully Prepared Instructors

Coasteering in Cornwall can be enjoyed safely by everyone thanks to the work of our amazing team. Our highly qualified instructors have years of experience and are the perfect guides to take you on your coasteering adventure. Their knowledge of the coastline around Cornwall and what to expect from the ocean is second to none. But that’s not all they rely on when coasteering in Newquay. All of our instructors will be wearing the same safety gear as you, but they will have a small arsenal of handy extras. Anything they may need to combat tricky situations has been tested and adapted over the years – making sure you’re always in the safest possible hands. This is what you can expect our team to be carrying when coasteering in Cornwall.
  1. First Aid Kit – Accidents happen, that’s why they’re called accidents. Our instructors will carry a first aid kit at all times to deal with any minor injuries that may happen along your adventure.
  2. Peterson Tubes – These are the large yellow floats you may have seen being carried by our instructors. They are perfect for demonstrating where to jump and can be clipped together at the ends for a makeshift life float when resting in the water.
  3. Throw Lines + Tow Lines – The 15m floating throw line is easily deployable and strong enough to pull multiple people to safety. The more robust tow line may be used if larger swell is present and you may need pulling to shore.
  4. Torches – During some of our activities you will be exploring the deep and dark caves around Newquay. Our instructors try not to make a habit of leaving people behind!
  5. Mobile Phone – Fully charged and safely waterproofed, this can be a vital bit of kit if ever we need to call for help during an emergency.
  6. Diving Knife – Another essential piece of kit. Diving knives can help to cut old fishing lines or nets that have washed ashore and pose a threat to people or wildlife.
  7. Goggles – An optional extra if you want to get closer to the aquatic life that surrounds you when coasteering in Cornwall. The Gazzle water can be extremely clear on a good day!

Coasteering Newquay

How To Book Coasteering In Cornwall

We hope you’re as excited about coasteering in Cornwall as we are. We are opening our doors again after COVID-19 and hope to see as many of you down here as is safely possible. We have completely overhauled our practices within our centre and we are operating within the Government’s latest guidelines. Your safety is always at the forefront of our thinking and this remains true today. If you would like to see what coasteering in Newquay can offer you, please feel free to give us a call on 01637 877722 and our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can head to our FAQ page and scroll down to the coasteering section. You can also book online for any activity you may be interested in. The summer is on its way and our spaces are limited, book now for your epic adventure of coasteering in Cornwall.


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