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The Gazzle has become one of Newquay’s most sought-after places to visit. It’s beautiful rugged landscape sheltered from waves and swell has provided us with an ideal spot to coasteer. Whilst making the most of the ocean elements the Gazzle has to offer it is important to consider that it is a habitat thriving in wildlife.

Sharing Newquay’s Beauty

At Newquay Activity Centre coasteering we feel it is of the utmost importance to remember that we are guests in this beautiful natural marina and like all guests in someone else’s home we must show respect. A visit from Paul St Pierre of the RSPB and The Isles Of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project coincided with our latest coasteer training session. It gave the chance for the team to gain all the important information on the local kittiwakes that are a protected species of bird that nest in a small area of the Gazzle.

Keep Coasteering Wild

A major reason for coasteering becoming such a popular activity and it providing so much enjoyment for thousands of people each year is the fact it takes place in the “wild” and we want it to remain that way. Paul gave the team all the vital information to safeguard this fantastic species that we are lucky enough to have enjoying the Gazzle. Kittiwakes are not just your common Seagull. There are only 380,000 breeding pairs left in UK and Newquay is one of only 4 nesting sites left in the South West, which demonstrates just how important it is to raise awareness and promote the longevity of this site for years to come!

During breeding season the Newquay Activity Centre will avoid the nesting area in order to preserve the site and safety of the birds. Coasteering is not all about jumping off cliffs. If you want to learn about the local nature, book on one of our Eco Coasteers and discover all things wild in Newquay!


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