Cupid’s Valentines Adventures !

Cupid’s Valentines Adventures !

Ditch the clichéd Valentine date and enjoy some coastal thrills.

Cupid’s arrow points to ocean adventure for a truly fun Valentines date that will get your heart racing with a new experience that will take your love to another level and impress your loved one.

It’s not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean!

Learn how to ride the waves together, with a surf lesson from former British Surf Champion Johnny Fryer. Zip up in your wetsuits at Newquay Activity Centre and impress your loved one, who will soon been swooning  all over you, you big wave rider.

Explore the wild coast of Cornwall and its unique craggy cliffs like you’ve never done before.

Step inside a winter wetsuit and take the leap into the Atlantic and explore the coast with a wild coasteer, swimming around the rocks discovering hidden caves and wildlife while experiencing natural whirlpools and the rush of the tidal currents. Your Valentine will love your wild sense of adventure!At the end of your cupid adventure, unzip your wetsuits, get close and cuddle up to keep warm and show your valentines exactly how you feel!
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