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Developer Surf Lessons

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Surfspiration From Old School Sessions Vol. 1 Part ii

By James Fisher 

In this mini-series of blogs, we’ve been looking at some of the previous surf lessons Newquay Activity Centre have had to offer from days gone by. Surf lessons in Cornwall are a shore-line staple down here in the South-West. Newquay’s surf culture stems right back to the 1960’s and it’s grown from strength to strength ever since. According to Cornwall Live, in 2018 surfers in Cornwall accounted for almost 20% of the county’s population. That’s 88,000 surfers all sharing a passion for the Cornish coast!

With crystal-clear waters and consistent swell, it’s little wonder that surf lessons in Newquay are so popular. Newquay Activity Centre offer everything from beginner surf lessons, to private surf lessons, to completely unique and flexible Surf Lesson & Hire package.

Today, however, we’re looking back at our Developer Surf Lesson. Lessons like these helped shape the way in which we teach our students, and how we moved forward with our understanding of what customers really need. We truly value the quality of our lessons and that’s why we believe we’re one of the best surf schools in Newquay.

 Let’s take a new look at an old lesson…

“Developer Surf Lessons”

  •  4 lesson format
  •  Small group size – max 5
  •  Go from zero to hero in 4 surf lessons.
  •  Equipment, changing rooms and insurance included

The average time on a wave is often less than just a few seconds. Throw in varying wave conditions, fluctuating wind, tides and work commitments; it’s no wonder why learning to surf can be so frustrating. The Developer Surfing program at our Cornwall surfing school aims to speed up the learning process with an intensive approach that maximises water time; giving you ample opportunity for you to consolidate, build on and master what you’ve learnt.

Do you want to skyrocket your surfing skills?

The four-session structure of our Developer Surfing lessons is designed to ensure maximum surfing practice and progression. From reading conditions through to paddling out and popping up to your feet, our Cornwall surfing school provides tuition for all ages and abilities. Right from day one we’ll teach you the fundamentals before honing your skills so you have a good feel for the sport and become a better informed and more technical rider.

How does it work?

Structured to offer progressive tuition, the number, frequency and intensity of Developer Surfing Lessons means you’ll learn, practise and remember techniques more quickly and easily.

We focus on building a solid foundation of skills, consolidating and developing them across four awesome surf sessions until it’s hard-wired and autonomous. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to remember techniques that develop important muscle memory.

Lessons at our surf school in Newquay are structured to offer a progressive format of tuition, combining comprehensive instruction with first response feedback and image analysis. Most importantly, we ensure that learning to surf is exhilarating and the most fun you’ll have in Newquay!

Four surfing lessons tailored to your needs

Our Developer Surfing Lessons offer intensive tuition but they move at your pace. Something you won’t experience in regular group surfing lessons.

At our surf school in Newquay, our friendly and highly qualified surf instructors will provide you with first-rate equipment, top of the range Rip Curl wetsuits and ID vests, a warm and safe place to get changed and leave your belongings. What’s more, the Developer Surfing Lessons also offer the unique opportunity to experiment with a range of different boards, and systematically log your progression.

What’s Included

  •  Bespoke surfing tuition for your ability and requirements
  •  Small group size – Max 5
  •  Four sessions each 2 hours long
  •  Equipment, changing rooms and insurance included
  •  Allocation of equipment, wetsuit and surfboard at the surf school
  •  Assessment of ocean conditions
  •  Beach safety talk
  •  Familiarisation with surfing terminology and etiquette
  •  A lively warm-up on Newquay’s stunning Towan Beach
  •  Introduction to board handling
  •  Introduction to prone riding
  •  Jumping up, accelerating and stopping safely
  •  Skills analysis and feedback over the four sessions
  •  Official skills classification using iAM Band Scheme
  •  Discount card for apres surf food/drink and the Rip Curl shop (15%)

If you think Developer Surf Lessons would have piqued your interest, these days we run the new and improved
Surf Lesson + Hire PackageThis package is perfect for those wanting to skyrocket their skills whilst consolidating at their own pace. With various options offered to suit your budget and availability, the Multi-Surf Lesson + Hire Package is the ideal option for those serious about their surfing. 

If you would like to see what surfing in Newquay can offer you, feel free to get in touch via our online chat or give us a call on 01637 877722. Alternatively you can head over to our surfing FAQ page where you’ll likely find all of the answers you’re looking for. Check out our full range of surfing in Cornwall activities. Booking can be completed quickly and easily online through our website for any activity you may be interested in. We hope to see you in our new centre soon!


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