Disabled activities, Cornwall: CACT visits Newquay Activity Centre

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We’ve worked for years with adults and children who suffer with physical and mental health issues, providing coastal disabled activities in Cornwall specifically tailored to their individual abilities and requirements.

Written by Anya Gilbert

At the Newquay Activity Centre, groups get to push personal boundaries in a supportive environment whilst under the guidance of fully qualified instructors. We are strong believers in the power of fresh air, being outside and exploring the coast in new and exciting ways!

Following positive feedback, we’re continuing our work with organisations dedicated to improving the lives of those with disabilities; including the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) by offering them a free Super Stand Up Paddle boarding session this summer. This independent charity brings opportunities and social change to communities in South East London, Kent and beyond, through football and other physical activities.

We’re looking forward to the visit from CACT to Newquay Activity Centre this September to take part in our specially tailored disabled activities in Cornwall.

Terry Peart, a Disability and Mental Healthy Officer for CACT said: “We have been made to feel very welcome by the Newquay Activity Centre. The location and facilities were great and when we were enquiring, the company seemed very helpful to have our group along and put together the best possible day.

“Spending time in a different location, doing a different daily routine, being outdoors in the sun and sea helps with our groups’ wellbeing, as does the chance to undertake physical activity and learn something new. The qualified instructors made the sessions really fun and engaging.”

As Trip Advisor’s number one provider of outdoor activities in Newquay, we offer over 30 different activities including our three core favourites; surfing, coasteering and bodyboarding.

Super Stand Up Paddling with the Newquay Activity Centre, Cornwall

A new and exciting activity has been developed in time for this summer, our Super Stand Up Paddle Boarding session that is a perfect disabled activity in Cornwall for team building and giggles. Groups of 6 at a time will to join our instructors in taking the giant SUP into the water, navigating the craft along our beautiful coastline and into ancient smugglers caves. Groups work together to moor up for a variety of fun games including Sumo SUP and King of the SUP, before exploring the incredible coastline on an epic tour.

“The Super SUP session was recommended by the instructor as it really brings the group together in team building / confidence building as a group and individually,” said Peart from CACT. “It’s also a great chance to try an activity that we would never get the chance to do back in London!”

Check out our website to know more about our Super Stand Up Paddling sessions and other disabled activities we offer here at the Newquay Activity Centre in Cornwall!


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