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Pictures of Cornwall could often pass for the Caribbean, golden sand, crystal clear water and an abundance of marine life. There is so much to see here, and it’s such a tempting environment to get up close and personal with, that our new snorkel safari is proving to be one of our most popular activities. 

We launch and land from two of Newquay’s lush, semi-secret coves, it’s worth venturing away from the main beaches as we can escape the crowds, and the scenery is breathtaking. There is some incredible coastal wildlife in the area, and you really are experiencing the best of Newquay’s coastal fringe. 

Our fun, pressure free snorkel safari goes off the beaten track to explore Newquay’s cliffs, caves and caverns; it’s a unique experience for all the family. With the correct instruction, snorkelling is quick and easy to learn; first, we’ll teach you the basics, then the tour sets off at a relaxed pace, to find some of Newquay’s most interesting underwater worlds.  

You’ll glide across the surface of the water like you’re on a pleasure cruise, witnessing the beauty of what lies beneath the waves; it’s a view that most visitors never get to see, a dazzling array of seaweed, crabs, lobsters, colourful fish, macro marine life, and all sorts hidden treasures. There is something almost meditative about snorkelling, your calm, rhythmic breathing will sooth your nervous system and you’ll likely find yourself the most relaxed you’ve been for weeks.

As you explore the stunning coastline, you’ll discover the markings of a history that’s rife with mystery and drama. From gin plundering pirates to raging storms and shipwrecks, yesteryear’s gripping past is visible on the landscape of today! You will explore the coastline above and below the water’s surface, navigating into caves once occupied by seafaring pirates. You can keep an eye out for forgotten treasure above and below the water on our Snorkel Tour! 

What’s Included 

  • Epic snorkel adventure around Newquay’s marine-rich coast 

  • Qualified, experienced and insured instructors 

  • Heated changing rooms and secure storage for your valuables 

  • Hot outdoor showers and male & female toilets 

  • Full safety briefing, kit familiarisation and weather condition checks 

  • All of your kit, wetsuit, buoyancy aids, snorkels, masks and fins

Our exclusive snorkel tours are a luxurious way to appreciate the scenery and get a glimpse into the marine environment below. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, simply curious about our coastline’s marine environment, or you want to try something completely unique, this is the perfect adventure for you. No experience is required and full instruction will be provided.

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