Family Bodyboard Sessions in Newquay, Cornwall

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Family Bodyboard SessionsCornwall is where the adrenaline rush gets addictive and action sports get epic. It’s all down to the huge golden beaches and the wild and rugged coastline–Cornwall is one big adrenaline-filled playground for you and your family just waiting to be explored.

Our Family Bodyboard Sessions  are perfect for doing just that and bringing everyone together for a memorable day out in the water. You will experience the thrill and adrenaline as you take that first cold-water dip and then be guided with your board by one of our talented instructors…this is where the fun really begins.

Family Bodyboard Sessions

What is bodyboarding?

Easier than traditional stand up surfing, bodyboarding offers a quicker route into the adrenaline-packed world of wave riding. It’s the exhilarating step-up from the old boogie-board specials that we all once loved and is effortless to learn and addictive to master. We promise that you and your family will be catching waves in the first 5 minutes and in no time at all, we will have you learning different riding skills under the expert eye of our experienced instructors.

Tailored Bodyboard sessions

Family Bodyboard Sessions

We will personalise your bodyboarding session to ensure each member of your family feels happy and rewarded, whatever their ability. We will also teach you some important lifeguarding skills and vital elements of beach safety which will stay with you forever. This is essential for those with young children who want to enjoy their day at the beach and be safe.

Our fantastic team at Newquay Activity Centre

Our team of instructors boast years of personal experience in the water and are all Beach Lifeguard and Surfing England surf coach qualified. Their in-house training come from our very own former European #1 and World Tour bodyboarder, Rob Barber, who spends valuable time equipping them to provide the best bodyboarding experiences in Cornwall.

Newquay memories to last a lifetime

Towan Beach in Newquay is the one everyone describes when they feel nostalgic and talk about their beach holidays while they were growing up. They’ll remember the famous island with the house on top of it, the ice cream van that perches at the bottom of the hill, the footbridge linking an island to the mainland, and the abundance of rockpools just waiting to be explored. This is where our bodyboard sessions take place. Here, the waves are more often than not perfect for catching waves and feeling the thrill and rush of bodyboarding in the water.

With this session, we’ll gift you a set of photographs taken during your time with us, so you can look back and cherish these family memories that will last a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for?

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