How do I increase the number of waves that I catch?

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By avoiding crowds, by increasing the quantity and decreasing the quality and by being decisive with the waves that you are going for, you will increase the number of waves that you catch during a surfing session.


If you are going to wait for the bigger waves, always be decisive with the waves that you have the chance to catch and be sure not to miss them. Give it 110%.

Increasing your wave count obviously has a lot of benefits. You’ll have more fun because you’ll spend more time actually surfing as opposed to sitting around on your board. If its winter, you’ll be able to stay warmer by keeping busy. You’ll be able to learn new techniques and moves quicker by having a quick succession of waves, and you’ll get fitter much quicker too!

Here’s a few ways to increase your wave count.

1. Don’t always follow the crowd. Watch the waves before you paddle out, and especially look for any less crowded or empty peaks further down the beach. The waves might just as good or better and you could have them all to yourself.

2. You don’t always have to wait for the set waves. On beach breaks especially, the small/medium waves are more frequent, and sometimes just as good.

3. If you do decide to wait for the set waves, be patient and wait you turn in the pack. When it’s your turn make sure you look confident, decisive and committed to that wave. If not, other surfers will sense your hesitation and assume priority.

4. ‘Turn and go’. You don’t always have to paddle all the way out before you can start looking for waves. If you’re half way out and a good looking wave comes then quickly ‘turn and go’ for it.

5. Not having much luck? Try paddling off to a new peak down the beach somewhere. Sometimes a different peak with a new crowd of surfers can in some ways re-set you session and you might get start to find a few waves. If you’re not catching much anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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