New Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Filmed in Newquay?

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You may have seen the mysterious galleon moored up in Newquay bay recently, our team captured some incredible footage of the boat at sunset. It was like a scene from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Whispers flew around town about what this incredible ship may be doing here, what was her cargo, and who were her motley crew… we did some digging and came up with her fascinating backstory.


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In 1993 the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) began fundraising for the SV Tenacious, she was to be the most glorious wooden ship, crafted into being by a mixed ability construction team, an embodiment of the JST’s ethos of integration and accessibility. Construction started in 1996, and Tenacious set sail on her maiden voyage in 2000; she’s an inspirational vessel and a life changing experience for all who sail her.

The SV Tenacious is truly unique; she’s currently the only sea-going tall ship in the world that has undergone full adaptation to be manned by a mixed ability crew, including those suffering from chronic ill-health, mental health conditions, the socially isolated and those with physical disabilities. The SV Tenacious has been designed to enable every aspect of life on-board to be accessible to all who sail her, from helming the ship, setting the sails and even going aloft.

Tenacious is a ship for modern society, with wheelchair lifts, wide decks, a speaking compass, power assisted steering, guidance tracks and signage in braille. She has a completely unique ascender system installed that enables wheelchair users to work aloft and man the masts.

It was a pleasure to see you Tenacious, and read about your mission. We hope you sail back through our waters again soon.


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