Looking for Newquay Surf Schools? 9 Steps To The Perfect Wave!

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If you’re looking for surf lessons & want to learn to surf, head to our Newquay Surf School.

There are many Newquay Surf Schools in Newquay so it’s important to choose a surf school with a solid reputation and with a great location overlooking a surf friendly beach. Fistral, Towan and the Newquay bay beaches offer perfect conditions. Be guided by the reviews of others by checking out the online reviews on Trip Advisor. Always choose a surf school with qualified instructors, warm wetsuits and suitable foam surfboards that offer a stable platform to learn on. 

Head to Trip Advisor and you’ll see we’re the number one provider of Water sports activities in Newquay! 

Newquay as a destination?

Newquay is the UK’s cultural hub of surfing and a Cornish coastal gem. Its rugged coastline is interspersed with nine exceptional beaches, each offering golden sand and an enticing marine environment to explore. 

 Atlantic facing, Newquay’s world famous Fistral Beach has hosted global surfing competitions for years making it the perfect place to learn to surf in Cornwall. 

Surfing is key to the culture of the town and is weaved into Newquay’s history of pirates, tin mines, witchcraft and dramatic ocean rescues by early members of the RNLI. This stretch of shore is a special one. 

How to choose a surf school ?

There are some key things to consider when choosing which school to learn to surf with. A good surf school will not only teach you the basics of learning to surf, but will make you see the beach through new eyes. 

1. Location

Some beaches are better to learn to surf at than others, so it’s always best to choose a beach well known for hosting the sport. 

Fistral is the UK’s most famous surfing beach; renowned for the quality of waves that reach it’s shoreline and the consistency of the surf. Our Centre is located just 2 minutes from Fistral Beach within easy walking distance with surfing gear. With plenty of seafront facilities and RNLI Lifeguards operating between March and October, it’s a great beach for all ages and families. 

2. Customer reviews

Customer reviews on platforms such as Trip Advisor will give a good indication of what a surf school is like to visit. Each review is accompanied by a star rating and this is a simple way of comparing surf schools in your chosen area. 

The Newquay Activity Centre is Trip Advisor’s number one provider of outdoor water sports in Newquay, with over 2000 5-star reviews. 

3. Instructors – Qualifications

All our surfing instructors hold full Beach Lifesaving Qualifications accredited by the Royal Life Savers Society (RLSS) and Surf Life Saving Great Britain (SLSSGB), along with Level one or more Surf Coaching Awards. These awards are accredited by the International Surfing Association (ISA) or Surfing Great Britain (SGB). 

These qualifications ensure Surf Instructors are fit and capable to respond to any situation during a lesson and you’ll be in safe hands whatever the weather. 

We also endeavour to train our instructors continually, giving them the tools to build their skills and push their capabilities in different conditions throughout the seasons. Our coaches have years of personal experience in the sport and also coach coasteering and bodyboarding, so have a firm foundation of knowledge and experience from which to teach. 

4. Facilities

A warm place to change in and out of wetsuits, along with secure places to store personal belongings are just two facilities any surf school should provide. Especially with our typical British Weather! Newquay Activity Surf School provide both and more. 

  • Male and female changing rooms
  • Safe storage for clothes and bags
  • Secure lockers for valuables
  • A warm shower
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Links to the Carnmarth Hotel for meals, drinks and accommodation

5. What do you need to bring? 

All you will need to bring is a towel and swimwear to wear underneath your wetsuit. 

We will provide you with everything else you need! This includes a wetsuit suitable for the time of year, neoprene boots, gloves and hoods during the winter, a foam board to use during the lesson, safe areas to keep your belongings and areas to shower and change. 

6. How long is a lesson? 

All our surf lessons are two hours long. This allows time for changing before and after the lesson and a full safety briefing. 

You’ll have your surf lesson on the beach and will head into the water to practice what you learnt. 

7. Photography 

We can capture the moment you first stand up on a surfboard for you to take home.  We offer surf photography as an option during sessions and your instructor will take pictures throughout the lesson both in and out the water. You can find which sessions offer photography here. 

8. Instructor to group size ratio 

Instructor to group size ratio varies depending which session you go for. Below are our most popular surf lessons and the group sizes. 

  • Taster Surf Lesson: 1:8 
  • Explorer Surf Lesson: 1:5 
  • Apprentice Surf Lesson: 1:5 
  • Developer Surf Lesson: 1:5 (Four lessons) 
  • Private Surf Lesson: 1:1

9. What will a surf lesson include? 

Your surf lesson will include: 

  • Instructor introduction and welcome
  • Wetsuits and surfboard allocation and time to change
  • Beach safety brief
  • Surf lesson on the sand
  • Practice in the water
  • Skills feedback and session round-up

We have lessons to suit all ages and group sizes, take a look at the Newquay Activity Centre Surf School section of our website and choose one that’s right for you!


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