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Private River Super SUP

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A Super Day For A Super SUP In Newquay – Exploring The Past 

Vol 1 Part IV

By James Fisher

You may be familiar with the world’s fastest growing sport – stand up paddle boarding – but have you heard of it’s super sized and super fun big brother? We’ve doubled the size of the board and doubled the size of the fun with our super stand up paddle board tours in Newquay! We believe enjoying the ocean is an experience best shared with friends or family, and with our Super SUP lessons in Cornwall; you can do just that.

Experience the wipeouts, laughs, views and splashes with a group of like-minded people around the scenic coast of Cornwall. Learn to work as one unit as you incorporate timing and team work into navigating this mega-sized inflatable craft through the crystal-clear waters of Newquay. You really gain a sense of togetherness from working simultaneously and picking up the skills required to paddle in the right direction. Our Newquay Activity Instructors will always be on hand to provide you with helpful tips and tricks, or (more likely) to take photos of anybody going for an unexpected swim!

Our super stand up paddle board lessons in Newquay have been on quite a journey since first being available a few years ago. We’ve taken hundreds of friends, family members and complete strangers out on our giant multi-person paddle boards, and every one of them has come back with a smile plastered straight across their face. Our current selection of Super SUP Tours is the culmination of many years of evolution and progression.

We always strive to provide the most fun in the safest possible way, and this constant improvement means that old classics sometimes have to make way for new ventures. Today we’re looking at another example of this, with our previously offered Private River Super SUP tour.

The Monster SUP

“Private River Super SUP”

  •  Personalised super SUP tour to suit your group’s needs
  •  Your own instructor – you dictate the pace of the lesson
  •  Learn how to use the weather and tide to navigate the river
  •  Minimum of 4 people for maximum fun!


Ideal for those who want focussed, expert tuition, a private river super SUP tour combines adrenalin and fun with a tailored agenda. You dictate the pace of your session and spend more time on the things you enjoy the most. So if you’re interested in a heritage aspect, eco and wildlife or want to throw in a bit of snorkelling, we’ve got it covered! Just ask us and we’ll make sure we include it.

What you’ll learn on a private river super SUP tour

It’s an ideal way to have a lesson first before hiring the kit and doing it yourself. You’ll get expert knowledge and tuition from our qualified experts who understand the hidden river currents.

Your personal river super SUP instructor will run through safety essentials and efficient paddling strokes before hitting Newquay’s River Gannel.

Navigating the river’s a different experience to the sea. There’s no waves to negotiate but you’ll learn about using tides, current and weather conditions to navigate your craft. Our expert instructor will explain how to paddle if it’s windy using the ‘ferry gliding’ method to cross to the other side of the river.

And with more focussed instruction in a small group, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Your agenda, your private river super SUP experience

At the start of your adventure, your instructor will find out what aspects you’d like included in your session. You might opt for a more tranquil, fact-filled experience but if it’s adrenaline fun you’re looking for, we can do that too! We can throw in some games such as ‘last man standing’ and a ‘capsize race.’ Are you up to the challenge?

And if you want to explore what lies beneath, why not try a bit of snorkelling? We’ll kit you up with snorkel and masks so you can dive off the super SUP and discover some of the river’s fascinating marine inhabitants.

What’s Included

  •  2-hour river super SUP lesson and tour
  •  Your own expert, private super SUP instructor
  •  Full safety briefing and paddle instruction
  •  Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles included
  •  Exploration at your own pace – decide on the focus of your adventure
  •  Optional games and snorkelling
  •  10% off our other adventure activities
  •  Discount card for apres surf food/drink and the Rip Curl shop (15%)


There’s no denying that our Private River Super SUP tour was good, but do you know what’s even better? Our new and improved Family and Private Group Super SUP Experience! Enjoy tailored tuition and undivided attention from our highly experienced and qualified super stand up paddle board instructors. Explore different swell sizes on the ocean and enjoy the fascinating rugged coastline of Cornwall.

If you would like to see what paddle boarding in Newquay can offer you, feel free to get in touch via our online chat. Alternatively you can head over to our Super SUP FAQ page where you’ll find all of the answers you’re looking for. Check out our full range of super stand up paddle boarding in Cornwall activities here. Booking can be completed quick and easily online through our website for any activity you may be interested in. We hope to see you in our new centre soon!


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