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River Super SUP & Snorkel

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A Super Day For A Super SUP In Newquay – Exploring The Past 

Vol 1 Part III

By James Fisher

With everything that’s gone on in the world this year, we’ve recently been making a conscious effort to appreciate all of the positives that still remain here at Newquay Activity Centre. We still have many beaches within a short walking distance, we can still stop and take in the natural beauty of the world and we can still offer exciting outdoor activities such as super stand up paddle boarding in Newquay!

2020 has been a tough year for many. Not knowing where the next wave, jump, paddle or swim will come from. If you’re anything like us (and we presume that’s why you’re here) you NEED the ocean to survive. Ok that’s maybe a tad dramatic, but you catch our drift right? Being in or near the ocean holds so many positive benefits that it’s little wonder we’re all craving some quality time on the coast again. One easy way would be to ring your mates, jump on our 8 person paddle board and enjoy some epic views on one of our Super SUP tours!

Appreciating the positives can also come in the form of appreciating the past. Celebrating what once was and remembering how we got here. Our giant inflatable stand up paddle board has come a long way since its inception and we’ve enjoyed every single paddle. A recent classic that has made way for ventures new is our previously offered River Super SUP & Snorkel tour.

The Monster SUP

Snorkelling River Super SUP Safari

  •  2-hour above and below the water river super SUP safari
  •  Combined tranquility with adrenaline fuelled fun
  •  Explore Newquay’s peaceful Gannel estuary on our giant super SUP
  •  Snorkel in sheltered lagoons and explore the spooky shipwreck

Discover the beauty and serenity of the Gannel estuary from the perfect platform for your group – a supersized stand up paddle board. Equipped with snorkel masks, you’ll dive below the surface and explore the wildlife and heritage-rich River Gannel.

About this lesson

After a safety brief and land-based instruction, you’ll leave the banks of the river Gannel and paddle with your group to navigate the ebb and flow of the river. The peaceful, calm river waters make it an ideal environment to hone your paddle skills under the guidance of your instructor. You’ll learn how to paddle together efficiently whilst discovering the natural beauty of Newquay’s hidden gem.

River shipwrecks

Following your instructor’s lead, you’ll head downstream from Penpol Creek and moor the super SUP at the site of a local shipwreck. Not something that you’d necessarily associate with rivers! Equipped with snorkelling masks, dive off the super SUP and into the depths where, at high tide, you’ll encounter the spooky remains of this sunken boat. Take a chilled out, leisurely swim above the surface before paddling back upstream.

Below the surface

Snorkelling’s perhaps not something you’d associate with a river but believe us, the Gannel’s a fascinating place to dive into! It’s home to a fascinating ecosystem of plants, wildlife and mammals. And with such rare species inhabiting the area, you never know what you’ll see on a snorkel river super SUP tour! Look out for crabs and cat sharks (not as scary as they sound!) and if you’re lucky, you might see the giant Gobi fish that lives in the reeds at Penpol Creek!

Games and challenges

If it’s more adrenaline-fuelled fun you’re looking for, we can do that too! We can throw in some games such as ‘last man standing’ and a ‘capsize race.’ Are you up to the challenge?

What’s Included

  •  2-hour river snorkel super SUP adventure
  •  Above and below the surface wildlife exploration and identification
  •  Expert tuition, kit familiarisation and weather condition checks
  •  Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, snorkelling kit, super SUP and paddles included
  •  River Gannel Newquay tour
  •  10% off our other adventure activities
  •  Discount card for apres surf food/drink and the Rip Curl shop (15%)

Making the most of what’s available above AND below the waterline is a fantastic way of experiencing something different in Newquay. Our new and improved version of this well-loved classic is our now ocean-based Snorkel & SUP Adventure tour. Get up close and personal to the coastline of Cornwall like never before experiencing a magical underwater world!

If you would like to see what paddle boarding in Newquay can offer you, feel free to get in touch via our online chat. Alternatively you can head over to our Super SUP FAQ page where you’ll find all of the answers you’re looking for. Check out our full range of super stand up paddle boarding in Cornwall activities here. Booking can be completed quick and easily online through our website for any activity you may be interested in. We hope to see you in our new centre soon!


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