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Newquay Activity Centre instructor Johnny Fryer reflects on Super SUP staff training and investigates what is achievable on our awesome Super SUP.

We had fantastic conditions today in Newquay to head out for an awesome stand up paddle boarding training session on Newquay Activity Centre’s giant inflatable Super SUP. Calm winds, mild weather and small, clean waves greeted the hardy crew of 7 of the NAC staff, including Hannah and some of the team from the office.

This relatively new activity is attracting a lot of attention, not least because the giant board itself is getting on for 25ft long! Every session brings something different, whether it’s a coastal exploration, exhilarating wave riding, fun group games, SUP coasteering or sometimes a combination of all these. We wanted to put it through its paces and in doing so created some fantastic session plans for the upcoming season.

Super SUP Coastal Adventure

So what did the training session involve? After kitting up in winter wetsuits, boots, buoyancy aids and helmets the group were given a dry land run through of what to expect during their upcoming adventure around Newquay’s stunning coastline.  We then launched from the old lifeboat slipway into the beautiful Gazzle (Newquay’s natural harbour) which is one of our favourite coasteering locations. After the group got to grips with controlling the board and some basic paddling and turning techniques, both kneeling and standing up, we took advantage of the calm conditions and set about circumnavigating Towan headland, and over the famous Cribber reef.  It was great to see the headland and the intricate craggy coastline from a different perspective. After enjoying the magnificent view for a few minutes we made our way in towards the surf at Fistral beach.

Super SUP surfing!

Blessed with a gentle 1-2ft clean wave breaking it was the perfect opportunity to try and catch a few waves. Surfing on a 20 something foot surfboard with 6 other people isn’t easy even for experienced wave riders. However, despite most of the group being completely new to this, there was some great teamwork and we actually managed to successfully surf all the way to beach on several waves. With some pretty nifty paddle skills we were even starting to control and manoeuvre the board across the waves. Paddling back out through the breaking surf was just as much fun and challenging as riding the waves.  Of course, as with any super SUP session there were a few epic fails and some funny wipeouts as well!

Stand Up Paddleboard Games

Before we were totally surfed out we headed back out into deep water. It was now time for a few fun games. The giant Super SUP provides a perfect platform for all kinds of silly and challenging games. We had a crack at the last man standing ‘wobble-off’, and a freestyle diving competition off the bow. This involves the whole group sitting on the very back of the board, raising the nose several feet out of the water, and creating a temporary diving board. After some impressive front flips, penguin dives and unintentional belly flops we were ready to call it a day.

With just enough energy left to make the final paddle back to shore we reached dry land back in the sheltered waters of The Gazzle.  Everyone was exhausted but buzzing from another epic session out on the water. This is going to be an awesome addittion to the Newquay Activity Centre activities rosta for 2017 and beyond.

If you fancy giving this at try, check out our Super Stand Up Paddle options!


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