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Think of Newquay and you think of surfing, but that’s not all we have to offer. The topography of our vast headlands, sweeping bays and sheltered river estuary means that there is almost always a world class spot to paddle board here in Newquay.

Conservationist and outdoor champion Lisa Drewe has published a new book highlighting 100 places in the southwest of England to explore by paddleboard, canoe and kayak.

We’ve been taking customers on ocean adventures for years, but the cat is well and truly out of the bag now, as we were also featured in the Sunday Times Travel segment as one of the best places to paddle. 

We were proud to be asked to feature. The image shows our instructor Elliot Higgy leading a group through one of our famous paddle routes, Souls Arch (which we named) in Newquay.

So whether you fancy a session on a kayak, canoe, paddle board or one of our giant inflatable super SUPs, NAC has a world class route, and an adventure of a lifetime awaiting you.

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Sunday Times Feature Paddleboarding

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