Surfing In Newquay – 5 Amazing Reasons Why it Should be on Your Bucket List

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We kicked off our season of Surfing Weekends and it couldn’t have been much better! March is a fantastic time to head to Newquay for some surfing, it’s a month with consistent swell and low crowds and the feel of spring is certainly in the air.

We had a dedicated crew of surfers join us and some from as far afield as Holland with the aim of improving there riding over the two days in a relaxed but productive environment. Head Surf Coach at the Newquay Activity Centre Surf School and 3 Time National Champion Johnny Fryer led the weekend helping everyone work on specific elements of their surfing. We had a broad range of abilities from intermediate surfers to beginners. With the help of experienced instructors and a media team providing video and photo analysis, the group made some amazing improvements across the board.

Why is surfing in Newquay becoming so popular all year round we hear you ask. We have identified 5 reasons why this addictive sport should not only make it onto your bucket list but is something that should become a part of your lifestyle for good!

  1. Surfing In Newquay is Perfect for All Abilities

Whether you are a seasoned shredder or completely new to the sport, surfing in Newquay has something for everyone. We are spoilt for choice with an array of beautiful sandy beaches in Cornwall and Newquay with varying conditions and types of waves. For example if Fistral Beach is too big and blown out you can walk five minutes from our centre to the sheltered Towan Beach. It’s amazing just how different the conditions are on the other side of the headland!

  1. Prepare to Get Addicted!

The feeling of catching your first wave is like nothing else. Adrenaline fuelled and serotonin boosting, surfing has it all. By the time you have nailed getting to your feet on a wave you just want to learn everything else. With expert coaching you’ll soon be perfecting your pop up, tweaking turns and smashing manoeuvres! This might sound far-fetched but you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish with instruction and dedicated water time. Once you’ve tried surfing, we can guarantee you will want to do it again and again and again!

  1. Surfing in Cornwall – A Truly Unique Experience

We might not have tropical temperatures but without doubt do have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Even on a damp and dreary day Cornwall can look spectacular. To get outside amongst the elements in such an incredible place is unique and in a world of screens and work stresses provides the perfect remedy for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We’ve held surf lessons with dolphin visits, stunning sunsets and aqua marine waters on summer days. Surfing in Newquay and Cornwall is a real eye opener!

  1. Making Friends in The Real World is All the Rage

Forget Facebook, Tinder and WhatsApp. We’ve come up with a revolutionary idea to help people make friends and socialize in the real world! Ok, so it’s nothing that new but being stuck in the world of social media is something that we are all guilty of. Sometimes it’s easier to chat online rather than go out but we’ve found a simple way of connecting with like-minded folks on our surf coaching weekends. We have teamed up with the awesome Ocean Surf Lodge for our events. This laid back and cosy surf lodge is an ideal place for the whole crew to chill out together. We shared a few beers with some lovely food and even watched the rugby. It was a perfect refuge to warm up and refuel after each session whilst watching video of the group in action. At the end of the day you can’t beat regaling with a few surf and adventure tales and a cold beer or two of course!

  1. Starting Your Surfing Journey

Before you cringe and click off, we’re not going to tell you about finding yourself in the ocean! What we mean by a surfing journey is what you can do after that first surf lesson or multi surf package. The sky’s the limit once those initial skills are honed in. We want you to keep surfing and keep learning and that is the idea with our surf coaching weekends. Even a three-time champion like Johnny Fryer watches his video footage and eyes improvement for the next time. Surfing opens the door to a lifetime addiction that can lead to many adventures and epic memorable sessions. We offer some incredible surf coaching holidays abroad to Morocco and California and believe this is the next step after a coaching weekend in Newquay. Developing your surfing in perfect weather with perfect waves whilst dipping into a new culture is something every surfer should experience at least once!

We can’t wait for our next surf coaching weekend here in Cornwall! Follow us on social media to keep up to date with our events in Newquay and around the world! If you want to book a surf lesson or coaching weekend don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01637 877722.

Thank you to Ocean Surf Lodge for being such awesome hosts and many thanks to The Boardroom and Rip Curl stores for providing some fantastic goodies.


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