Things To Do In Cornwall In January

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Wondering what to do in Cornwall in January? How about planning a trip to the coast in 2022? We’ve got your Cornwall bucket list covered. From riding a stand up paddleboard around Newquay bay, greeting sea-life from a kayak out to sea or embarking on a weekend retreat of surfing, our shorelines are brimming with activities.

January doesn’t have to be dull. After Christmas celebrations, you may be dreading the return to normality. So why not step away from the work life routine and start ticking off your Cornwall bucket list? January is a great time to be in Cornwall – the weather here is milder than most of the UK, the surf will be great and the beaches quiet, perfect for making the most of water activities without the crowds.

Here’s our pick of top things to do in Cornwall in January.


Cornwall’s waters are home to a variety of beautiful sea creatures, from seals that bob in the harbour to sunfish and sea birds. Head out on a kayak or stand up paddleboard and see who you meet. Newquay Activity Centre run a range of sessions, from family kayak tours, private SUP tours to coasteering, and one of our qualified instructors will take you on a tour of Newquay’s bay and Gazzle area where you are sure to spot some sea life. Book onto one of our explorer activities and get your wildlife fix in 2022.

January Activities In Cornwall


A weekend of surfing or bodyboarding is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the sport, and you are guaranteed to see improvements in your skills. Our partner companies Bodyboard Holidays and Women and Waves both offer Newquay weekends, where you can dive in and learn a new skill whilst enjoying a sociable and memorable trip away. Women and Waves are running their Newquay Beginner Surf Weekend on the 15th-16th January, where you can learn to surf with expert women/all-female instructors and build the foundations of your surfing journey.

That same weekend is the Newquay Bodyboard Weekend with Bodyboard-Holidays. Expert guides will take you to the best beaches, where you are guaranteed improvements over two days for all abilities. So, take the plunge and make a weekend of it this January!

January Activities In Cornwall

January Activities In CornwallCOLD WATER SWIMMING

Sheltered coves, trickling estuaries, tidal pools or flat open sea. Surrounded by water on three sides, Cornwall is home to an array of wild swimming spots where you can let the icy cool of the water clear your mind. Cold water swimming has many proven benefits for mental and physical heath- it is a form of pain relief, as cold water narrows your arteries, reducing inflammation and soothing sore muscles.It also increases your white blood cell count due to your body reacting to drastically changing conditions which in turn, boost your immune system. Plus, when submerging yourself into cold water your body will be under physical and mental stress, making us more used to the feeling and therefore calmer in stressful situations. January is a great time to start, when the water is at its most refreshing!


This January, why not pick up a board and learn to surf? There’s no need to wait until summer to get in amongst the waves- winter is a great time to start, for many reasons. The swells are often clean and consistent, and the beaches are quieter, meaning you won’t be fighting over waves with fellow learners!

Winter surfing doesn’t just provide physical benefits. Surfing, and being in the ocean generally, is an incredibly powerful tool for helping your mental health too. When it’s getting colder and the evenings are getting darker, it can be easy to feel down, and you’re guaranteed to be spending more time indoors, thus getting less natural light. But if you surf throughout the winter season, you will be getting out in the fresh air, no matter the weather.

We run our surf lessons right through winter, so book with us this January and learn a new skill.

January Activities In Cornwall


January Activities In CornwallFIND A NEW BEACH

With over 300 beaches to explore, why not set out along the coast and find a new one? In January you are guaranteed to have the sand mostly to yourself, save for the occasional dog-walker, kitesurfer or winter surfer making the most of the quiet waves. Head out on the South West Coast Path for spectacular views and a scenic walking path which will lead you to many of Cornwall’s hidden coves. Or, make a road trip out of it- load up the car with your surfboards and set off along the Atlantic Highway, driving past panoramic coasts as you cross North Cornwall.


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