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Top Coasteering Tips To Know With Brendan Moore

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Coasteering is the ultimate aquatic assault course. A mixture of cliff jumps into deep plunge pools, rock climbing and wild swimming, you’re forging you own path along untouched stretches of coastline and getting up close and personal with coastal nature.

Brendan Moore has been leading coasteers at the Newquay Activity Centre for 8 years and knows each route like the back of his salty hand. If there’s someone who can share some top tips about coasteering, it’s him, so we asked him what advice he’d give to people preparing for their first coasteer.

Bring your own shoes

You’re going to be scrambling and rock climbing over craggy sections of rock; barnacles are great for grip but are pretty harsh on bare feet. We can provide you with trainers at the centre, but if you have your own bring them! You know they fit you well will stay on through out the mission.

Listen to your coasteer leaders

Our leaders have delivered the coasteer activity hundreds of times and they want you to have the best, most adrenaline fuelled time possible. They won’t waste any time telling you things that aren’t important, so listen and follow their lead at all times. Especially if the swell is big and spicy.

If you have a GoPro, Keep it hands-free

You’re going to be using your hands a lot on the coaster. If you bring a GoPro or something similar that’s great! But try and find a way to attached it to yourself whilst you’re climbing and remember to put a float on the back just in case!

Be honest about your swimming ability

We will ask if you’re able to swim 50m independently before you coaster. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly for your safety; water conditions vary a lot and our instructors need to know you have some basic ability in the water.

If you’re drunk, don’t come!

We’re talking mainly to you stags!

Trust us, your coasteer is going to be amazing. Just follow Brendo’s advice and get ready to jump in. We say that you can choose your own intensity, so don’t worry, if there is a part of the course that you don’t fancy, you can just move on to the next part!

Good fun is guaranteed!


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